Is a 38 caliber good for self defense?

Is a 38 caliber good for self defense?

38 Special are that it’s effective in a self-defense capacity in service-size pistols. It doesn’t produce excessive recoil, so most shooters can accurately shoot it. That made it very popular with police departments and civilians. Simply load, point, shoot and repeat.

Can a 38 fire 38 Special?

357 Magnum revolvers, and, of course, they can be fired in revolvers stamped “. 38 Special +P”. However, . 357 Magnum loads may not, should not, cannot be fired in ….What Type of Ammunition Can I Fire In My Revolver?

If Your Revolver Is Marked … It Will Safely Fire These Cartridges …
.38 Special .38 Special

When was the Smith and Wesson Chiefs Special made?

Smith & Wesson “.38 Chiefs Special” Pre-Model 36 .38spl revolver, dated to 1957. This is a late Pre-Model 36, made the last year before the gun was renamed the Model 36. Smith & Wesson Model 60 “Chiefs Special” .38 Special This 5-shot Stainless Steel Model 60 with 2”inch pinned barrel, has a Mint Bore, Fixed sights.

What kind of Magnum is Smith and Wesson 38 Special?

They are all built to the length that will accommodate .357 Magnum, even the models that are chambered for .38 Special. All of the new stainless J-frames today are chambered for .357 Magnum rather than .38 Special.

What was the first Smith and Wesson Special revolver?

The Chiefs Special, which later came to be known as the Smith & Wesson Model 36 was not the first production .38 Special snubby; that honor goes to the Colt Detective Special in 1927. The Chiefs Special was the first 5-shot J-frame .38 Special revolver produced by Smith & Wesson.

What was the name of the Smith and Wesson Model 36?

The most commonly suggested name was .38 Chief’s Special®. Designed with the needs of law enforcement officials in mind, the Chief’s Special proved to be a popular revolver for personal protection due to its size and weight. When Smith & Wesson adopted model numbers in 1957, the Chiefs Special became the Model 36.