Is the Winchester Model 70 a good hunting rifle?

Is the Winchester Model 70 a good hunting rifle?

It felt good; it felt solid; it felt like you were going to hit what you were aiming at. The action had a glassy smoothness to it that you simply don’t encounter in today’s rifles. New from the factory, a Model 70 cycled as though it had been used for 25 years.

What kind of ammo does a Winchester Model 70 use?

The Model 70 is offered in all of the previous chamberings as the original, and is now supplemented with newer rounds, including the Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) and Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) cartridges, which are magnum loaded rounds, but are shorter in length and wider in diameter, so spent cartridges …

What round does a 270 rifle shoot?

270 Winchester is a rifle cartridge developed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1923 and unveiled in 1925 as a chambering for their bolt-action Model 54. The cartridge is the same length as the . 280 Remington, both of which are longer than the . 30-06 Springfield.

Is the Remington 700 the same as the Winchester 70?

The MSRP of the two rifles is similar, as is their purpose. These are not “Custom” or “Super Grade” rifles, but they are what I would term deluxe standard model rifles. The Model 700 came in .260 Remington and the Model 70 came in 6.5x55mm SE.

Where can I buy a Winchester Model 70.270?

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Which is the best 270 caliber hunting rifle?

My favorite .270 rifles today are a Model 70 Featherweight built by Winchester in 1959 and a Remington Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle with a 24-inch barrel. The Model 70 is my bluebird weather rifle, and the Model 700 is for rainy-day hunts.

Is there a Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow?

Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow .270 WSM 24″ Barrel with Muzzle brake This rifle is used with quite a bit of wear from use. The rifle has a Control Round Feed bolt, Removeable (read more) Custom Winchester pre-64 Model 70 Featherweight .270 Winchester.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Winchester Model 70 Featherweight 7mm-08 makes a great hunting companion. It’s been over a decade since the first time I found myself shivering in a deer stand, peering through a scope at what would soon be my first whitetail buck.

What kind of rifle is the Model 70?

The Rifle: Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action. The Caliber: .270 Winchester. The Animal: Deer. The Rifle –Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action. For the purposes of this article, the weapon of choice is the model 70 “Sporter.” Without question, it’s one of the most basic, utilitarian, and classic bolt-action weapons on the market.

Which is the best scope for a.308 Winchester rifle?

One great scope for combining with.308 Winchester rifles is UTG’s compact model, which is set to offer magnification settings between 3-12x. This makes it a perfect compact scope choice for the maximum end of the Winchester’s range, which hovers at about 200 to 250 yards.

What’s the weight of a Winchester 70 featherweight?

The name of the carbine – Winchester 70 Featherweight – is reflected in its relatively small mass. With a barrel length of 560 mm, it weighs only 3.0 – 3.18 kg. This is excellent for a hunting rifle and allows you to carry it comfortably on the hunt.