What happens in The Parker Inheritance?

What happens in The Parker Inheritance?

In THE PARKER INHERITANCE, 12-year-old Candice has to spend the summer in Lambert, South Carolina, due to her parents’ divorce. When she and her mom take up residence in her deceased grandmother’s house, Candice finds a letter alluding to a town tragedy and offering clues to a mysterious fortune.

How long is The Parker Inheritance?

Can they find the fortune and fulfill the letter’s promise before the answers slip into the past yet again? Explore reading recommendations for children ages 6 – 12….

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How many words are in The Parker Inheritance?

The Parker Inheritance

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 3 – 7 Grade 5 84725

What is Candace’s last name in The Parker Inheritance?

In the middle-reader novel The Parker Inheritance, author Varian Johnson spins a mystery about the hunt for a hidden treasure that may or may not exist when a young girl named Candice visits her grandmother’s hometown of Lambert, SC.

Is The Parker Inheritance a true story?

But The Parker Inheritance also tackles real social justice issues, which are just as important to the story as the puzzle. Specifically, much of the novel was inspired by an interaction with my brother while in high school.

Who is the narrator in The Parker Inheritance?

Cherise Boothe
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Narrator Cherise Boothe
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What did Candice know about Brandon’s reading choices?

What did Candice find out about Brandon’s reading choices? Brandon is a target of bullying by the kids from school. Who is bullying Brandon? The letter was written as a riddle, and Candice loves solving puzzles.

What is the genre of the Parker inheritance?

The Parker Inheritance/Genres

Where is the treasure in Parker inheritance?

Candice had known that her grandmother, Abigail Caldwell, was the town’s first black city manager. But she never knew why her grandma left Lambert. Candice’s mom reveals that there had been a scandal. Abigail believed a treasure was buried under one of Lambert’s tennis courts.

Who is big dub in The Parker Inheritance?

In the book The Parker Inheritance, how does Enoch get the nickname Big Dub? Enoch didn’t like his name, so he went by his last name. On the baseball team, there were two boys named Washington, so Enoch went by “Big Washingon”. Later it was shortened to “Big W”.

Why did Varian Johnson write The Parker Inheritance?

Specifically, much of the novel was inspired by an interaction with my brother while in high school. During his junior year, my older brother was chosen to participate in a weeklong leadership camp in Florida. I was a little jealous.

What is the genre of The Parker Inheritance?