What is a sentence with artificial selection?

What is a sentence with artificial selection?

Natural and artificial selection leads to a change in the genetic makeup of the cell. Artificial selection has produced a wide variety of plants. The practical effect of artificial selection is seen in, for example, the American deer population. This is the principle underlying artificial selection or breeding.

What is artificial selection an example of?

Unnatural selection, or artificial selection, is the result of human action.

What is a good sentence for artificial?

1 All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God. 2 Salespeople are often accused of using artificial flattery. 3 No artificial sweeteners are used in this product. 4 He was hocus-pocussed into buying an artificial diamond ring.

How would you define artificial selection?

Selective breeding of organisms to produce domesticated animals with more desirable traits; selective breeding to test for genetic variation and covariation in a population. Compare to natural selection.

How do you use survival of the fittest in a sentence?

1 He mistakenly ascribes the expression “survival of the fittest” to Charles Darwin. 2 Skiing involves the survival of the fittest. 3 The law of the survival of the fittest was not made by man. 4 Survival of the fittest Firms unable to compete in the new marketplace will fail.

How do you use genetic engineering in a sentence?

Genetic-engineering sentence example

  1. You can’t do genetic engineering in your back garden.
  2. Turning the tide on the brave new world genetic engineering biotechnology is not just about food production.
  3. How then do we address such potentially dire threats of genetic engineering?

Is artificial selection good or bad?

Although it has provided some benefits for humans, the domestication of animals through the use of artificial selection is unethical as it has sometimes been detrimental to the animals’ well-being. This process, although beneficial to society, is unethical as it benefits humans at the cost of these animals’ wellbeing.

What is artificial example?

The definition of artificial refers to something that is simulated or made by humans, not by nature. An example of the word artificial is flowers and plants which are made of plastic. The flowers were artificial, and he thought them rather tacky.

How does the natural selection work?

How does natural selection work? In natural selection, genetic mutations that are beneficial to an individual’s survival are passed on through reproduction. This results in a new generation of organisms that are more likely to survive to reproduce. The process carries on generation after generation.

How do you use natural selection in a sentence?

Natural-selection sentence example

  • The natural selection process is survival of the fittest.
  • Under natural selection the less well-adapted forms of life would on the average have a heavier death-rate and a lower multiplication-rate.

What are some examples of artificial selection?

A common example of artificial selection in animals is dog breeding. As with racehorses, particular traits are desirable in different breeds of dogs that compete in dog shows.

What are the consequences of artificial selection?

This process is immoral as it induces fear and anxiety in whatever animals are being subjected to a new environment. On top of this, artificial selection can have detrimental effects on these animals, such as obesity, diseases, health disorders, and can even lead to smaller brain size.

What is the process of artificial selection?

artificial selection. noun. a process in the breeding of animals and in the cultivation of plants by which the breeder chooses to perpetuate only those forms having certain desirable inheritable characteristics.

What describes artificial selection?

Artificial selection or selective breeding describes the human selection of breeding pairs to produce favorable offspring. This applies to all organisms – from virus to four-footer, and from pet to food source.