What is the effective range of a 38?

What is the effective range of a 38?

Most effective is between 1 to 3 yards. Because at those distance even under stress there ae very few missed shots by trained personal.

Is 38 a good bullet?

38 Special is one of the best revolver cartridges ever made. 38 Special is a mild recoiling, low-pressure round that enjoys a very healthy following. The cartridge itself has come in a number of iterations over the years and is the parent case for the more powerful . 357 Magnum.

What is the best bullet weight for 38 special?

The 158 is the bullet weight the . 38 Special was designed for. The 148 grain HBWC or DEWC match load at low velocity is the most accurate load available out to 50 yards. Beyond 100 yards, the Keith design #358429 170 LSWC probably will bring home the trophy as the most accurate long range bullet ever.

Which is larger.38 special or.38’s and W?

Technically, the .38 S&W bore diameter is slightly larger than that of .38 Special and .357 Magnum but in practice, components intended for the latter will work well enough.

Which is better a.357 Magnum or A.38 special?

38 Special actually came way before .357 Magnum and despite the drastic performance differences between the two, .38 Special is still incredibly popular due to its more manageable recoil. We firmly believe that every gun owner needs at least one .357 Magnum in their safe.

Which is the lightest recoiling.38 special?

The .38 Fiocchi Wadcutter is the absolute lightest recoiling .38 Special commercial load that I’m aware of and I still shot the drill slower with that than with the .32 Magnum. The .327 American Eagle 85-grain soft point is actually considered a low recoil load for .327 but it’s still quite a handful.

What’s the pressure of A.38 special?

For comparison, standard pressure .38 Special loads have a SAAMI specification of 17,000 psi while higher pressure .38 Special +P loads top out at a SAAMI pressure rating of 18,500 psi, an 8.8% increase in pressure leading to better ballistics.