What is the torque on a Remington 700?

What is the torque on a Remington 700?

The maximum torque that should be used on wooden stocked Remington 700 rifles is 15-inch per pound. This is more than enough torque to hold securely the action in place but not so much that the wood is cracked or otherwise damaged.

How tight should rifle stock screws be?

Torque only affects accuracy if the action screws are loose enough to allow movement or shifting of the action in the stock. For maximum accuracy they should both be tight, 30 – 40 in lbs. Their only job is to hold the action solidly in the stock.

What is the torque for rifle action screws?

A rule of thumb for regular dry screws is to use 0.2. For example, a torque of 40 in-lb on a 1/4″ screw with clean dry threads (k = 0.2) will exert 800 pounds of clamping force!

What should I torque my scope rings to?

Screw Tension For a more precise torque setting follow the guidance supplied with the mounts, or use the following amounts: Ring cap screws should be set to 16 inch pounds (1.33 ft/lbs or 1.8 nm) Base screws should be set to 30 inch pounds (2.5 ft/lbs or 3.4 nm)

How important is rifle bedding?

Rifle bedding is fundamental to rifle accuracy. The term bedding refers to the fit and stability of a barreled action within the rifle stock. If the fit and stability of the metal work in relationship to the stock is poor, the rifle will be in-accurate.

What is the torque for Vortex scope rings?

Incrementally tighten your scope ring screws to our recommend torque-poundage – about 15-18in.

How big is the trigger guard on a Remington 700?

Dont know about the others, but I believe the standard Remington 700, including the Police models is 45 in/lbs. Some folks will say 65 in/lbs. but I think they’re getting this info from the military specs for the M24 Rem 700 which has stronger trigger guard assembly.

Is there torque for torquing action bedding screws?

I have seen many references to “properly tightening” or torquing action bedding screws and tang screws lately, but I have not been able to identify the correct torque for any particular action. Have any of you got access to the torque recommendations?

What should the torque be on a rifle?

For the gunsmith a torque specification is more of a guideline than a rule. Let’s consider the 15-17 in/lb specification offered by Leupold for their ring.

What should the torque be on a Ruger barrel?

When cleaning, the stock is removed from the barrel. This allows access to the bolt etc. I unsuccessfully researched the torque amount for the bolt holding the barrel and stock together. I read that improper torque will affect the operation/ group size created.