When did the Colt Police Positive Special change?

When did the Colt Police Positive Special change?

But both were state-of-the-art in their day. In 1977 Colt “updated” the Police Positive Special for the last time. One of the visible cues differentiating it from earlier versions was a shrouded ejector rod. Although this makes sense in a hard-duty gun, it did — in my opinion — remove a lot of the classic Hartford charm from the gun.

Are there any Colt revolvers that are Police Positive?

Colt Police Positive revolver in great condition with 90% of the finish intact. Only minor wear and marks on the frame and barrel. SN: 15517 .22 Long Rifle …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! This is a nice Colt Police Positive Special SA/DA revolver in .38 S&W Special.

Is the 1922 Mfg Colt Police positive for sale?

1922 mfg Colt Police Positive Special, 32-20 WCF caliber. 4 inch barrel. Excellent codition, as seen. Bore is excellent as well. $925 includes shipping to FFL or C&R Only. …

What is the weight of a Colt Police?

Here’s a by-the-numbers “packability” comparison — the unloaded weight of a 4″ K-Frame Smith Model 10 is 30.5 oz. while Colt’s preeminent duty revolver, the .41-Frame Official Police weighs in at 38 oz. in its 4″ iteration. Our little Colt PPS? A mere slip of a thing at 23 oz..

What’s the serial number on a Colt Police 38?

Police Positive .38 Factory Inscribed serial number 403841 with 5″ barrel – right side. Revolver is fitted with Colt factory flush medallion checkered walnut grips. Front site is standard early rounded type.

When was the last Colt Detective Special made?

Unfired in 67 years! The Colt Detective Special was first produced in 1927 and last produced in 1995. A derivative of the old Colt Police Positive, it was produced to meet the market demand for a gun that was easily concealed. The guns were produced in .32 and .38 caliber.

What kind of cartridge is a Colt Police Positive?

Colt Police Positive. The Colt Police Positive is a small-frame, double-action revolver featuring a six-round cylinder, chambered for either .32 or .38 caliber cartridges.