When was the Browning lever action rifle made?

When was the Browning lever action rifle made?

The Browning BLR Lightweight Lever-Action Rifle delivers rapid fire with hard-hitting big game cartridges. BLR rifles utilize a geared lever and bolt design that accommodates modern high-pressure roun …Click for more info Manufactured in 1980, this example was made in the last year of BLR Short Action production in Japan.

What kind of lever action does a Browning BLR have?

Browning BLR .308 Lever Action, like new condition, almost like new Blue on metal, small handling marks on beautiful walnut stock, comes with 1 factory metal detachable magazine. Front rotating sling …Click for more info

Who are the manufacturers of lever action rifles?

Arguably the best-known name in the lever gun game, Winchester lever actions are now manufactured by Miroku in Japan for the brand and include the Model 92 and Model 94, both in 20-inch versions and both suitable for defending the homestead, whether a ranch house, penthouse, or suburban picket-fenced stronghold.

Is the Browning Model 81 a short action rifle?

The Model 81 also incorporates changes to the action. The rifles are made in short-action and long-action models to accommodate a variety of calibers and is available with a straight-grip or pistol-grip stock. A takedown model for easy transportation and shipping is also available.

Why is the lever on a Browning BL 22 so important?

The BL-22 rifle’s lever is a very short stroke downward pull, which makes for a very smooth ejection and chambering. This is extremely important since a long pull would cause the rifle to move more. The short 30 ° pull allows the rifle to stay on target during reloading.

Is the Browning bl-22 a good rimfire rifle?

WATCH THE BL-22 IN ACTION. Highly accurate and quick handling, a Browning BL-22 will win your heart. These time-tested favorites include performance features like ultra short 33° lever throw for fast action — even with small hands. The BL-22 is an American favorite for great rimfire accuracy and firing speed.

What kind of action does the Browning BLR have?

Short Action. Long Action. Ready for Any Action. As a rule, lever-action aficionados have always had to trade away power and accuracy for quick handling and easy carrying. With the Browning BLR those compromises are a thing of the past.