Where did the flintlock pocket pistol come from?

Where did the flintlock pocket pistol come from?

A fine all brass English Flintlock box-lock pocket pistol engraved G. HILL, BOLTON. Ref 1399. A fine British flintlock pistol made by T. KETLAND & Co. Circa 1770-1780. Ref 2563. A fine English brass barrelled flintlock pistol by Bass of London. Circa 1775-17

Where can I buy an old flintlock gun?

Original antique flintlock muskets, flintlock pistols and blunderbusses offered for sale by International Military Antiques. SALE! NEW! SALE! SALE! SALE!

When did Henry Nock make the flintlock pistol?

A Greek flintlock pistol with superb nielloed silver decoration. Good condition. Circa 1810-1830. Ref 9428. A high quality European flintlock pistol with 12 inch barrel. Circa 1810. Ref 3175. A large .65 cal Flintlock Pistol made by Smith of London. Circa 1790. Ref 1581. A large Flintlock Pistol by the world famous gunsmith Henry Nock.

When did the flintlock percussion gun come out?

Flintlock, Percussion Guns and Accessories. Ref: 355 – c1830 Personalised Percussion Turn-Over Over Pistol. In sleeper condition. A Percussion Sea Service Pistol, Dated 1847.

When did Andrew Bottomley make his flintlock pistols?

A Fine Pair of Irish Flintlock Pistols made by RAINSFORD of DUBLIN Ref 1586. A fine pair of large bore iron barrelled flintlock military style holster pistols engraved on the lock-plates “E & W BOND” Circa 1820-1830. Ref 9947. A fine Pair of Napoleonic Brass Mounted French Cannon Barrel Officer’s Flintlock Pistols.

What kind of Revolver is a flintlock 6 shot?

The revolver takes the form of a regular flintlock, with an addition of a six-chambered swing-out cylinder and a rapid-fire trigger. The flintlock .44 caliber 6 shot revolver is capable of rapid fire, easily emptying all six chambers in an instant. As with all firearms, the force of impact is dependent on the ammunition provided.

Where can I buy an antique flintlock musket?

INDIAN TRADE GUN Antique FLINTLOCK MUSKET Isaac Hollis & Sons Northwest Trade Gun! INDIAN TRADE GUN Antique FLINTLOCK MUSKET Isaac Hollis & Sons Northwest Trade Gun! Here we present an antique Native American Flintlock Trade Musket by Hollis, made circa the early-1800s.