Where did the Montgomery Ward Western field M550 come from?

Where did the Montgomery Ward Western field M550 come from?

The Montgomery Ward, Western Field model M550 was manufactured by Mossberg, it is a 500. Parts are interchangeable. The suffix, A=12ga, B=16ga, C=20ga, D=28ga(they never made any), E=.410. The second Character “B” means that it was manufactured for a large distributor like Sears, Wards, Kmart…

How much is a western field 12 gauge worth?

There should be a model number on the barrel. Western Field has no collector value according to blue book guidelines. Get the model number and than you could find some base value for it. Depending on shootability and condition, my guess would be $100 tops…..

What kind of rifle was the western field?

Western Fields Model 45 (or Mossberg 42) The Mossberg 42 .22 bolt-action rifle was made from 1937 to 1950 in a few different variances – for this article it was referred to as the Western Fields Model 45. The ones sold buy Montgomery Ward’s were dressed down from the standard Mossberg’s – most were fitted with a birch stock instead of walnut.

When did the Western Field shotgun come out?

Western Fields Model 30/31 (or Savage Stevens 520/620) The Model 30 and 31 were actually the Savage Stevens 520/620 pump action shotgun was designed by John M. Browning. They were first introduced in 1904 and were sold with the Stevens name and also rebranded for the major catalog retailers like Montgomery Ward’s Western Field line.

What is the value of a Mossberg M550?

Most of the places that had a value for the M550 placed it at $100, the highest being $150 ( and that was a “maybe”), that is good to excellent. They don’t hold value as well as the “parent” gun with Mossberg name on it. Life Member, NRA, Lapeer County Sportsmen’s Club Disclaimer: I Am Not A Lawyer.

Is the Mossberg 500 a name brand gun?

A 500AB is a 12ga 500 with a jeweled bolt and lifter (another Sears or Wards model) etc.. Contrary to some stories you might hear, store branded guns are *never* lesser quality than name brand nor are they made up of inferior/seconds parts. That crap has been going around since Walmart started undercutting everyone on prices.

What was the name of the Western Field shotgun?

The Western Field name was a Montgomery Ward brand name. The M550 is “model 550″….it’s a Mossy 500 or an “M500” so to speak. The A means it’s a 12gauge.