Which Walther is best for concealed carry?

Which Walther is best for concealed carry?

If the PPQ and P99 seemed a bit too large for CCW purposes but aren’t about that single-stack life, the choice among Walther guns is the Walther PPQ SC, the “subcompact” model. Much like similar pistols before it (see also, Glock 26, M&P Compact/M&P M2.

Is Walther PPQ good for concealed carry?

Barrel Length – Score: 10. The 4-inch barrel and its compact size were just right for concealed carry. It handled very well and drawing from the holster and concealment were no problem at all.

Can I use my husbands gun for protection?

If you legally own the firearm and the self-defense situation justifies lethal force then anyone in the home can use your weapon, even if it is registered to you. In general, if your life is threatened, you can do just about anything to try to preserve it, even things that would ordinarily be illegal.

Is Walther a good handgun?

Walther is known for good quality pistols and with the PPQ set a high standard for striker fired triggers out of the box. They have great ergonomics, reliability, and shoot very well.

Are Walther handguns any good?

Out of all the handgun manufacturers in the world, perhaps none is as overlooked or underrated as Walther. Walther has consistently been producing high quality firearms since 1886 and many of their pistols are among the most iconic in the world, including the PPK, P38, and the P99.

What is the newest Walther handgun?

New for 2020, Walther Arms has chambered its excellent CCP M2 pistol for the popular . 380 ACP caliber. The CCP M2 is a lightweight, single-stack, compact pistol designed for concealed carry.

Is the Walther PPQ SC a concealed carry pistol?

Walther Arms presents a serious contender for both range and concealed carry use with its PPQ SC, the subcompact interpretation of its PPQ series pistols. The PPQ SC is s a pistol that packs a big dose of desirable features into a small package.

Which is the best Walther gun for concealed carry?

The only real strike against it are the factory white dot sights, but they do offer a model with XS sights. Some people didn’t care for the paddle magazine release levers on the M1 model, but the M2 model comes with a button release. It’s as close to perfect as it gets.

What does it feel like to carry a Walther pistol?

Entrenched with the legacy of our past and combining decades of innovations into industry-leading pistols, experience the feeling of carrying a Walther.

Are there any Walther pistols with no recoil?

We shot this pistol at SHOT Show 2020 and were dumbstruck by the almost total absence of felt recoil. The CCP series uses a piston-delayed blowback operating system, similar to the H&K P7, which is novel as only two handguns to our knowledge in current production do so.