Who is interarms?

Who is interarms?

Samuel Cummings, (February 7, 1927 – April 29, 1998) was an American small arms dealer. He founded the International Armament Corporation (also known as Interarms or Interarmco) in 1953, a company which came to dominate the free world market in private arms sales.

When did interarms go out of business?

Interarms of Alexandria, Virginia was an importer of various arms that went out of business during the 1990s. They were never affiliated with MKS as they make American-made arms as they always have.

Are interarms rifles any good?

The Interarms Mark X’s are the same Yugo Zastava Mausers that are now being imported under the Chuck Daly name. They are true commercial 98 Mausers. They are nice guns for the price and a good choice for the basis of a custom gun.

Are interarms good?

Fit and finish on the Interarms pistol is great. All the parts fit snugly, the action is smooth and the quality is high. Both of my magazines are original, and they still function flawlessly. The only low point is the stock plastic grip panels.

Who made interarms rifles?

They were made by a company named Zavodi Crvena Zastava. Other rifles, actions, and barreled actions were imported directly from Yugoslavia by Interarms under The Mark X Mauser name. After Interarms, The Mark X action was later imported by Charles Daly and most recently by Remington as the 798 series of rifles.

Where are interarms rifles made?

Interarms never made the Mark X action. They were merely an importer, located in Alexandria, Virginia. The actions were, and are still, made in the former Yugoslavia, by I think the CZ company.

How much does a Virginian Dragoon single action gun cost?

It has the “Don’t Tread on Me” with a snake under the grip. NIB would bring $450 – $500. All I’m knew to single actions and just bought a used Virginian Dragoon 45 Colt. It’s been shot quite a bit but seems to be and fine gun.

How big is the barrel on a Virginian Dragoon?

I was given a Virginian Dragoon .357 with a 7.5″ barrel that is in the box and was never fired. It was purchased by a friends brother who passed away. I need a pistol to take packing with my mule and horses.

Where was the Virginian Dragoon 45 Colt made?

All I’m knew to single actions and just bought a used Virginian Dragoon 45 Colt. It’s been shot quite a bit but seems to be and fine gun. Is there someone or some place I can fine out exactly when/where this gun was made? Serial # is B31463. After some limited research I believe this is one of the later models produced right here in VA.

Where is the serial number on a Virginian Dragoon?

Welcome to the forums and we hope you can stay. I believe the B prefix of your serial number indicated “blued” as my VD is a Stainless Steel .44 Mag with 7.5” barrel. It has an S prefix. Your gun was manufactured in Midland, Virginia, about 20 miles south of Manassas (if I spelled that right).