Are Browning lever action rifles good?

Are Browning lever action rifles good?

The Browing BLR enjoys a great following in some circles. On paper, it’s clearly the most advanced lever action rifle on the market. The rack based operates more smoothly than a typical Win 94, and the bolt locks up solid enough to fire powerful cartridges.

Are Henry guns any good?

Despite a design going back more than 150 years, the accuracy of today’s New Original Henry is as good as, and sometimes better than, some more-modern lever-action rifles. It may also be the most fun to shoot.

Who makes the strongest lever-action rifle?

The Winchester 92 is a scaled down version of the Winchester 1886, certainly the strongest lever gun made until the modern Winchester 88 and perhaps the Browning BLR. (the old Savage 99 is no slouch either!).

How much does a browning.22 semi auto rifle cost?

The Browning .22 Auto Rifle is a takedown. Top examples of certain Belgium-made versions of the rifle can fetch $3,250. The svelte little .22 rifle, known by Browning variously as the SA-22, .22 Semi-Auto or just Auto Rifle, has been in production for more than a century.

Is the Browning bl-22 a good rimfire rifle?

WATCH THE BL-22 IN ACTION. Highly accurate and quick handling, a Browning BL-22 will win your heart. These time-tested favorites include performance features like ultra short 33° lever throw for fast action — even with small hands. The BL-22 is an American favorite for great rimfire accuracy and firing speed.

Why is the lever on a Browning BL 22 so important?

The BL-22 rifle’s lever is a very short stroke downward pull, which makes for a very smooth ejection and chambering. This is extremely important since a long pull would cause the rifle to move more. The short 30 ° pull allows the rifle to stay on target during reloading.

Are there any Browning lever action rifles for sale?

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