Are there any Damascus barrel guns that are collectible?

Are there any Damascus barrel guns that are collectible?

Damascus-barreled guns have become collectible if they are in very good or better condition, and values are approximately the same as for the fluid steel models. Damascus guns in less than good condition are worth considerably less.

Where can I buy a 1880 Damascus steel shotgun?

“Damascus steel 10 gauge manufactured in the 1880’s. Barrels measure 30″” and are marked “”laminated steel””. Side locks are marked “”W m Moore & Co. …Click for more info Jeremiah Johnson Trading is one of the most experienced and trusted dealers of antique arms with over 40 years of collecting.

Where was the Hunter double barrel shotgun made?

Fulton, New York One of the finest American-made double-barrel shotguns and very collectible in today’s market. It was manufactured between 1880 and 1888 in Syracuse, New York; and between 1890 and 1945 in Fulton, New York, by Hunter Arms Company.

Where did Fredrick Baker make his 12 gauge shotgun?

Fredrick T. Baker English SLE 12ga 12 gauge SxS 28” barrels choked Improved Cylinder in the right barrel and Modified in the left barrel. This was manufactured in London, England in the early 18 …Click for more info Gun features a pistol grip checkered walnut stock.

When did the Syracuse Arms 20 bore shotgun come out?

This hammerless double was initially offered in 10 and 12-bore with the 16-bore added in 1901; and the 20-bore first cataloged in 1902. Barrel lengths, depending on bore size, were offered in 26, 28, 30, and 32 inch; with weights and barrel lengths specified by the customer.

When did the Syracuse Arms Company stop making guns?

Frank Hollenbeck organized the Syracuse Arms Company and started gun production in 1893 and it is believed the company ceased operations around May, 1905 when all company and gun related advertising ceased.