Can you replace crossbow limbs?

Can you replace crossbow limbs?

When to Replace a Crossbow Limb Many manufacturers don’t even list limbs on their websites as something you can simply order, however any reputable company will replace limbs under warranty or for a reasonable replacement cost if out of warranty.

Did Horton Crossbows go out of business?

“The business launched many of its staff members in April 2013 and its main (secured) creditor lastly took possession of all Horton’s assets, and closed its doors. That operation no longer exists, and TenPoint will certainly not continue making or servicing any of Horton’s past or existing bow designs,” Bednar added.

Do they still make Horton Crossbows?

Although Horton crossbows was bought out by rival TenPoint Crossbows in 2013, this does not diminish the quality of the product and the success the company had for so many years. There is a reason why Horton products are still so popular and widely used in the hunting world today.

How much is a Horton SuperMag crossbow worth?

The initial price it was sold was between US$200-US$300. Now, almost 30 years later, a used model can be found with a reasonable price of less than US$100. For crossbow enthusiasts, a used Horton SuperMag can still come handy.

How much does it cost to replace a crossbow limb?

Limbs are around $150 a set . use the same cam . if you have a press it is a simple swap , most pro shops should be able to do the replacement .

Are Horton Crossbows any good?

They have an unusual design as compared to Compound Crossbows. These crossbows have reverse draw and limbs that make it quite rare. It delivers massive FPS speed and is suitable for hunting bigger games. Horton models are powerful, accurate, and quiet bows with maximum speed and accuracy.

When did Horton Crossbow go out of business?

In April 2013, the original crossbow company that Rick helped start in the 1980’s, Horton Archery LLC, permanently closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy.

When did Horton crossbow go out of business?

Are Horton Crossbows good?

These high-quality crossbows come with precision-engineered reverse-draw technology. It offers 300+ FPS speed and is highly suitable for beginner hunters. Horton offers high quality, accurate, high tech, and compact models. Not only this, It produces powerful strokes and better cocking system.

Who makes the killer instinct crossbow?

HAWK Group
Many folks don’t know that Killer Instinct is actually owned by HAWK Group, which many hunters may recognize for their treestands and other “hunt from above” products. Along with HAWK, Killer Instinct is headquartered in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

How long do crossbow limbs last?

Reading comments across multiple forums, it appears most limbs on crossbows give out at about 1500-2000 shots. And many people experience failures at as little as 500 with cams and strings.

How big is a Horton legend draw crossbow?

Up for sale for PARTS ONLY a Horton Legend SL 175 Pound Draw Crossbow. Both limbs are cracked and that is why its being sold for parts. It has a F/M Red/Green dot scope. It also has a camo shoulder strap with it. Most of our items are used and we do not know the history. We test them and picture their current condition.

Where does Horton ” legend SL ” cross bow ship?

Will ship to the USA only (where legal) California,Alaska,Hawaii. and Puert Rico is extra (email for a quote first) ITEM IS FOR SALE LOCALLY ALSO. Subject to prior sale) Horton”Legend SL” Cross bow The limbs have a splinter off of them and the strings show alot of serving separation. THIS IS SOLD AS IS- FOR PARTS No international shipping.

Is there a warranty on the Horton crossbow?

Unfortunately, you won’t find much of a warranty on the Legend HD Pro 175, because Horton is no longer in business. Some sellers may offer a return or exchange within 30 days, but even those offers are getting hard to come by. Thanks for reading our crossbow review of the Horton Legend HD Pro 175.

What kind of arrows does the Horton legend 175 use?

The Horton Legend HD Pro 175 includes 3 20” arrows, but I would recommend quickly replacing them with better arrows, like the Firebolt series of carbon arrows. The arrows that come with the crossbow are really only good for a few shots at the practice range, but they are not suitable for hunting because they break rather easily.