Does Browning make a 30-06?

Does Browning make a 30-06?

Assuming you mean the Browning civilian BAR – they are excellent for hunting – a little heavy but very solid reliable dependable and accurate! The 30–06 is a tried and true big game cartridge capable of taking every big game animal in the North American continent including the big bears!

How good are Browning rifles?

Browning makes a good stick, but it’s not the best factory actioned rifle out there. The do have some consistently good barrels, of the ones I have seen, and they do have a pretty good locktime ( meaning that their firing pins aren’t super heavy and they travel well when the trigger is pulled ).

How heavy is a Browning automatic rifle?

19.4 pounds
About 47 inches (120 cm) long, it has a 20-round magazine and weighs 19.4 pounds (8.8 kg). It can fire up to 650 rounds per minute but can also fire single shots or bursts of two or three to increase accuracy. It can be fired from the shoulder or mounted on a bipod.

What kind of rifle is the Browning FN?

Browning “FN” SA-22 – .22LR – Angelo Bee Custom High Grade – Gold Animals – Outstanding Engraved Background and Predator Scene – Angelo!!! This is the FN version with Browning’s Patent Dep …Click for more info BUILT OFF THE BELGLAN SUPERPOSED “SUPERLITE” STYLE ACTION WITH 24″ BARRELS AND IRON SIGHTS.

Where did they make the Browning Safari 30-06?

Browning had them made up at the FN plant in Belgium with premium FN Mauser actions and barrels. An article regarding the process of treating stock wood with a salt curing confirms this took place from 1966 to 1971.

What’s the price of a 30 06 rifle?

A 30 06 rifle is currently worth an average price of $992.42 new and $1,113.96 used . The 12 month average price is $995.67 new and $1,120.51 used. The new value of a 30 06 rifle has risen $270.14 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $992.42 .

What’s the best condition for a 1971 Browning?

Offered is a 1971 Belgium made Browning Grade III that is in a Tolex case. It was engraved by Angelo Bee and remains in terrific condition. The Tolex case is near new and the best condition that I hav …Click for more info Stunning BAR HiPower rifle, very rare grade 5 by the world renowned and head master engraver L. Vrancken. Cal. 300 Win. Mag.