How do you remove firing pin from Remington 870?

How do you remove firing pin from Remington 870?

Insert a flat head screwdriver into the slot in the magazine spring retainer. Push the magazine spring retainer into the magazine tube and rotate it. Video which shows Remington 870 bolt disassembly and firing pin removal.

How do you remove dimples from Remington 870?

One of the ways to remove dimples is to drill them out. This will leave two small holes in a magazine tube. As you can see, you will need to spend some time polishing the holes inside of the magazine tube. Dremel/drill tools are fairly inexpensive and you can pick them up for about $40 to $80 at your local hardware or home improvement store.

How to remove the plug in a Remington Model 11-48?

5 Lift rear of breechbolt. Tap firing pin retaining pin (27) downward and disassemble firing pin (26) and firing pin retractor spring (28) from rear of breechbolt. Lift breechbolt from slide. Tap out locking block pin (44). Lift locking block from slide.

Do you need a magazine extension on a Remington 870?

If you own a Remington 870 pump action shotgun then you will probably want to install a magazine extension at some point in order to hold more ammunition. The only problem is you have to remove the dimples that are in the magazine tube first before you can install the extension.

How does magazine spring work on Remington 870?

If you have a magazine cap, the spring is held in place by a magazine spring retainer; if you have a magazine extension, the spring is held by the extension itself, and will fly away when the extension is removed. Be careful to hold the magazine extension firmly and decompress the magazine spring slowly. Attention!

Is it easy to remove the nut on a Remington 870?

If you have any gun oil then you can apply that to the nut to make it easier to remove. This process should be easy if you have a newer Remington 870 because the nut hasn’t been on there for very long. However, if you have an older Remington 870 model then you may find the nut to be a little harder to unscrew.

How do you install a forend on a Remington 870?

1. Disassemble Remington 870 and take out the forend. 2. There is a nut on the front of the forend. You need to unscrew it using forend removal tool or pliers (insert them in two notches on the nut).