Is a 300 Savage a good rifle?

Is a 300 Savage a good rifle?

Registered. The 300 Savage is a great deer cartridge developed with the intent of giving similar ballistics to the ’06 in a shorter action. It was very popular for a while and obviously is now overshadowed by the 308 Win.

Is 300 Savage still made?

300 Savage rifles are still in use, so the cartridge will continue to be loaded for many more years. In a bolt-action rifle, it’s as accurate as any other . 30-caliber. Winchester, Hornady, Remington and Federal offer this ammunition as commercial loads.

What is the range of a 300 Savage?

Despite having a short case and a rather stumpy neck, the cartridge is capable of propelling a 150-grain (9.7 g) bullet at over 2,600 ft/s (790 m/s) with an effective range of over 300 yd (270 m).

How much is a box of 300 Savage?

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Will a 300 Savage kill a grizzly bear?

300 Savage will be JUST fine for any of those areas, hunts, or bears.

What is the 300 Savage good for?

300 Savage cartridge are capable of killing deer at those extreme ranges. My own handloads parallel the supposed factory loaded round’s muzzle velocity which is 2630 fps using a 150 grain bullet.

Is a 300 Savage good for elk?

300 Savage is A GOOD CHOICE for elk hunting, under average conditions, from a mid-range distance, with a medium grain expanding bullet, and with correct shot placement. 300 Savage round is approximately 2280 foot-pounds.

What is the value of my 300 Savage Model 99?

I found a list for the lever boss codes (3D) and what I read says that it mas manufactured in 1952. Is that right? It is stamped with .300 savage model 99, (3D), 6276xx, Chicopee Falls. It has a wood forestock and but, with checkered details on both. It has a metal but plate, it is lever action with internal rotating mag with side counter.

How big is the barrel of a 300 Savage?

Savage model 99 lever action chambered in .300 Savage that boasts a 24” barrel that has a length of pull of 13.25” over the pad. High condition solid frame rifle with iron sights… (read more)

What kind of scope does a 300 Savage have?

SAVAGE MODEL 99 IN 300 SAVAGE CALIBER, CHECKERED WALNUT STOCK AND HAND GUARD IN VE… (read more) Scope is VXI-3-9×40. Gun is in like new condition with a few dings. Gold wire trim, ebony fore end tip and crossbolts.

How much does it cost to buy a savage?

$87 EASY PAY Proud of the American Design Savage Arms Model 1894 110 125th Anniversary Edition 1 o… EZ PAY for this firearm is 18 payments of $87.00 This is the total amount you will pay, there are no hidden fees. ****TO USE EZ PAY YOU MUST USE THE BUY NOW OPTION**** ****EZ PAY I… (read more)