Is the Marlin 336 30-30 lever rifle complete?

Is the Marlin 336 30-30 lever rifle complete?

This is a complete disassembly of the Marlin 336 30-30 lever rifle. It is a very lengthy video, but I wanted to cover the entire disassembly. I have tried to cut out most of my long-winded rambling, but left in a few pointers.

Why did I buy a Winchester Marlin 336?

I knee-jerk purchased the Marlin 336 (in .30-30 Winchester) mainly due to it’s extremely competitive price tag. The fact that it was a lever gun was also intriguing to me.

How much does a 30 inch Marlin barrel cost?

30-30 Marlin 336 30-30 JM stamp born 1976 20 inch ” barrel PRICE: $655.00 MANUFACTURER: Marlin

What kind of lever does a Marlin 35 Rem use?

Marlin 35 Rem rifles need a special lever with an additional cut in the control blade for smooth cycling 3. Marlin 1894 “Pistol Caliber” rifles all use the same lever based on their trigger plate + butt stock PLEASE NOTE: These replacement levers do not come with a plunger, cross-pin or spring.

How to disassemble a Marlin 30 lever rifle?

Given that this is a disassembly of a well used rifle, I took my time and inspected some of the parts taking note of any normal wear and any worn-out or abnormal wear. Excuse the audio; I am trying a new camera angle and the audio turned out sub-par. The next video will cover cleaning and the cold blue process. Become a Patron! Loading…

How tall are the rear sights on a Marlin rifle?

This sight is .410″ tall, which works well with Uberti and Marbles rear sights. This sight is .500″ tall, and works well with tang mounted peep sights and taller Marbles rear sights. These will fit a 3/8” dovetail slot.

What kind of firing pin does a Marlin rifle use?

the stock Marlin firing pin assembly, allowing for reliable firing with the lightened hammer spring. The light lever plunger spring reduces the lever sticking when your are opening it. Will work in Marlin Model 1894 rifles, .38/.357 caliber. Will work in Marlin Model 1894 large caliber rifles.

How much does a Marlin 336 trigger break?

The triggers on Marlin 336 models are known for breaking crisply, but at a heavier five to seven pounds. A lot of Marlin owners take their 336s in for a “trigger job”, which usually brings the break down to two to four pounds. In my opinion, it is really only a concern if you plan on entering matches with the gun.

Where is the ejector on a Marlin 336?

The Marlin 336 is extremely easy to field strip and clean, as well. One flat-head screw holds the lever onto the bottom of the receiver. Once that is removed, the bolt and ejector come right out, allowing access to the inside of the receiver and bore.

When was the Marlin 336 takedown Scout made?

According to the table at the end of this article, this rifle was built in 1976 which makes it a pre-Remington “bicentennial” rifle. Fit and finish of this rifle were excellent, except for a sliver of wood missing from the wrist of the butt stock where it met with the receiver.

How can I fix the Marlin Jam on my gun?

Simply changing the carrier out as many repair places do is only a temporary fix at best. The new carrier will get a notch forged into it from the sharp edge of the lever cam and over time will settle downward in the action and again give you the “Marlin Jam”. Following the steps below will cure this problem FOREVER.

Where are the screws on a lever action rifle?

Loosen the screw at the front of the magazine tube and the screw on the barrel band on the fore-end (for a carbine) or the two screws on the fore-end cap on a rifle. Put a drop of blue thread locker on these screws and leave the screws a little loose.

How does a lever action rifle increase range?

That said, there are ways to improve groups and increase the range of your beloved .30/30. Lever-action rifles are unique in a couple of ways. They use a tubular magazine below the barrel that feeds cartridges into the chamber, which gives them a large ammunition capacity while maintaining their slim lines.

Where can I get parts for my Winchester?

Parts are available to the public for self installation, but can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. As a factory authorized Winchester warranty center, Midwest Gun Works can offer you the knowledge and skill that your Winchester deserves.

Where can I buy Winchester Model 94 parts?

Winchester Model 94 Parts Buy Winchester Model 94 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. ACCOUNTCONTACTMY CART

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