Is Walther making guns right now?

Is Walther making guns right now?

With Walther pistols now being manufactured in the United States, striker-fired polymer-framed pistols like the PPQ have found their way into the gun safes of a ton of gun owners.

Why are Walther pistols so hard to find?

Registered. They are also focusing on PPQ production, because of sales volume, so the P99s may be a little harder to find for a while. When the SHTF, you won’t rise to the occasion, you’ll default to the level of your training.

Is the Walther PPQ discontinued?

45 ACP chamberings. In 2021, Walther announced that they would be discontinuing the PPQ, and its predecessor, the P99, in favor of the new Walther PDP, or Performance Duty Pistol.

What is the newest Walther gun?

New for 2020, Walther Arms has chambered its excellent CCP M2 pistol for the popular . 380 ACP caliber. The CCP M2 is a lightweight, single-stack, compact pistol designed for concealed carry.

Are Walther pistols any good?

Out of all the handgun manufacturers in the world, perhaps none is as overlooked or underrated as Walther. Walther has consistently been producing high quality firearms since 1886 and many of their pistols are among the most iconic in the world, including the PPK, P38, and the P99.

What does Walther PPQ stand for?

4/5 (345 Views . PolizeiPistole Quick Defence / Police Pistol Quick Defence. Walther quietly makes some of the best striker pistols on the market, as we will attest to in this Walther PPQ M2 review.

Can you conceal carry a Walther PDP?

Brand new for 2021, the PDP is Walther’s latest addition to the concealed-carry market, and it’s got a lot going for it. For starters, there’s what Walther calls “Super Terrain” cocking serrations, both front and rear.

What kind of gun is the Walther P5?

Following the attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics games West German police began the search for a new service police. Walther’s response, the P5, was introduced in 1978. The P5 is a locked-breech pistol and has double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger. It uses the same short-recoil operated system and locking mech as the P38.

When did the Dutch police buy the Walther P5?

This pistol is a BMI-marked gun and dates from February 1983. It also became the standard issue sidearm of the Dutch police who purchased around 50,000 pistols, becoming Walther’s largest customer for the P5.

Is the Walther P5 a double stack magazine?

About the only thing the P.38 lacked was a double-stack magazine, opting instead for a single-stack 8-round mag. The two locking systems side by side, Walther P.38 (top) and the Walther P5 (bottom). Many of the functional aspects of the P.38 would be retained, with some being slightly modified, in the new Walther P5.

What’s the locking mechanism on a Walther P5?

The locking mechanism of the P.38 was a carry over to the P5. It’s a simple yet robust system that would later be used by Beretta and the U.S. M9 service pistol. The barrel moves straight back while a locking-block drops to unlock the barrel and slide.