Top 4 Tutorials for Getting Started with ReactJS in 2018 -2019

Do you want to become a front-end development and keep your eye on some of the latest and recent trends in the field? If yes, then you must have surely heard about the React JS, for which nowadays most of all the web developers are crazy about.

So, here are some of the best 5 tutorials to get started and learn React JS effectively. Ready? So, Let’s go!

Build With React Tutorial

Build With React Tutorial, is one of the simplest places to learn ReactJS. It’s ideal for complete React newbies and helps you the gist of what you’re going to dig into at later point of time.

Fortunately, it’s written in a simple and precise language and tells you all the basic information which you need to know, as a beginner in this.

The tutorial is mainly divided into 6 main parts: Intro, JSX, Components, Events, State, Virtual DOM. Every part comes with several examples and interactive exercises with the help of a JSFiddle. So, with the help of this tutorial, you get a chance to learn how it all works, as well as get your first hands-on experience of coding with React JS.

Top 4 Tutorials for Getting Started with ReactJS in 2018 -2019

Learning React JS: Getting Started and Concepts

The second one in our list, this Learn React JS tutorial is also for the person who is a beginner in this but it goes into a greater detail explaining with the much basic concepts of React JS. From this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get started building your first React component, what’s Virtual DOM, props, JSX, specs, states and lifecycle methods.

This website tutorial has helped many of the people to go on the top as this tutorial is well-structured, detailed and answers all the questions that a React newbie may have.

The Official React JS Tutorial by Facebook

This one is a good fit for those people who must have completed the beginner’s level in the ReactJS. The tutorial also covers just the duo of React and JSX, leaving the dev tools, which includes the Webpack and Babel out. The tutorial has some of the examples which is related to client/server interaction, and you’ll have to run a local server on your PC to try them out.

Top 4 Tutorials for Getting Started with ReactJS in 2018 -2019

Moreover, what’s official React JS tutorial does is that it teaches you to build a full-fledged tic-tac-toe game. Apart you will also develop a UI for the game, store the history of the moves, indicate the winner, etc.

Comprehensive React.js Guide by Tyler McGinnis

This is one of the advanced tutorials for the ReactJS, so it would be rather surprising if it had been short. However, if you follow along and take time to do the practice part of it, it would take you a couple of hours to accomplish just the part one of the tutorials.

The first part of the tutorial is a comprehensive guide on creating an app with the help of a React. Next, the second one teaches you to the utilization of Webpack and Babel.

Then, the third part comes that instructs you on building React apps with the help of a Gulp and Browserify. Last, comes the part on architecting React apps with the help of a Flux.

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