What is the best lever action rifle to buy?

What is the best lever action rifle to buy?

The Six Best Lever Action Rifles (and When to Use Them)

  • The Browning BLR. Browning.
  • The Browning BLR Lightweight Browning.
  • The Winchester Model 94 Winchester.
  • The Winchester Model 71. Winchester.
  • The Winchester Model 88. Winchester.
  • The Marlin 1895. Marlin.
  • The Savage 99 Savage Arms.

    Are lever-action rifles obsolete?

    Even though we are now well into the 21st century, the lever-action rifle is far from becoming obsolete. The Model 94 is back, the Marlin has never gone away and Mossberg’s 464, which was introduced in 2008, seems to be a big success.

    What makes a Browning lever action rifle different?

    The BLR has been made in many configurations including straight stock and pistol gripped models. There is one feature however that distinguishes it from most lever actions and that is it’s detachable magazine. Most lever guns have a tubular magazine.

    Why are Browning BLR’s more expensive than factory rifles?

    Some of that is the fault of the hard use they endure, while some of it is because of poor finishing and the resulting underprotected metal. Brownings are more expensive than most standard factory rifles, but you do usually get better fit and finish. The BLR is no exception.

    What kind of power does a Browning BLR have?

    Now, compared to traditional lever action rifles, the BLR has 1 big thing going for it: standard cartridges. Standard Win 308 is a favorite caliber and offers 400 yard power and trajectory, which you’re not going to get from your 30-30.

    How long does it take to unload a Browning BLR?

    It takes all of 2 seconds to load or unload the BLR, compared to 20 with a lever assuming you’re carefully sending the rounds into your hand and not just flinging the cartridges all over the floor. The biggest downside to this rifle is the complexity of the action.