What is the serial number on a Colt M16A1?

What is the serial number on a Colt M16A1?

Colt AR15 Model M16A1 – SN: 605,xxx: US Property marked standard rifle. Vietnam era gun and for export. Colt AR15 Model 609 – SN: 900,07x: Marked US Property and “COMMANDO”. May or may not have modified selector assembly. 10” or 11.5” barrel with flash suppressor/moderator.

What kind of magazine does the Colt M16 have?

M16A1 rifle with forward assist, raised boss around magazine release button and a 30-round magazine. This article describes the many variations of the Colt AR-15 and M16 rifle family of weapons produced by Colt’s Manufacturing Company.

What’s the serial number on a Colt Model 603?

US Property marked M16A1 Colt’s Model 603 (not aware of any Air Force M16 Colt Model 604’s with serial numbers this high). Also some export/commercial models. US Property marked M16A2 & US Property marked XM4 prototypes Colt’s Model 720. In general these are 700 series commercial/export marked models of the M16A2.

Is there an M16 with a 20x serial number?

US Property marked US Air Force M16 Colt’s Model 604, and a few commercial export models. There are also examples of commerical/export marked models using the 20X,XXX serial number range produced in the late 1960’s. Only a few rifles/carbines made in this serial number range and known examples are spread out over several years of production.

What’s the serial number on a colt GX?

GX’s are tool-room prototypes with a four digit number which is reportedly their master drawing. We believe that there are multiple GXs with the same number. There are also GXs that also have a serial number as well as the GX number. A lot of the GXs have serial numbers in the 14xxx range.

Are there any rewelds of the Colt M16?

Very rare as non-reweld. Note: There are at least one of each maker: H&R and GM built XM177E2 rifles. Part of the original contract for the M16 required both companies to bid on manufacturing the XM177E2 shorty.

What was the total number of Colt AR15s made?

The British contract guns were originally intended for special operations forces including the SAS and SBS. The number that Mr Northrop did not calculate, total military Colt AR-15s and M16s plus AR-15 SP1 Sporters to the date of whenever his data cutoff was, comes to 2,778,586.