What kind of BB gun is Daisy Model 25?

What kind of BB gun is Daisy Model 25?

The Daisy Model 25 Pump Gun has been in the lineup for more than 100 years! It’s a pump-action spring BB gun that pushes the .177 caliber BB at 350 feet per second, and features a blade and ramp metal front sight and flip-up peep or open read sight (adjustable for windage and elevation). WARNING: DO NOT BRANDISH OR DISPLAY THIS AIRGUN IN PUBLIC.

Where was the daisy 25 pump gun made?

Daisy produced this gun in both Plymouth, Michigan and Rogers, Arkansas. Except for the World War II years, production ran continuously from 1914 until 1978. In 1986, a special commemorative collector’s edition was produced.

What’s the muzzle velocity of a Daisy Model 25?

The 25 does have an advantage in ammunition feeding, however, in that its feeding is spring-loaded, as opposed to many gravity-fed guns which require a shift in gun angle to reload a BB. The re-issued version is made in China and has a muzzle velocity of approx 350 ft/s (110 m/s).

How old is my Daisy BB gun No.102?

The info on the gun is as follows, No. 102 Model 36 It is one of the ones u pull the lever down and shoot once Any info would be great. i guess a price of what i could get for it. Thanks Jimmy Not sure unless the gun has replaced parts on it. Daisy switched to aluminum levers in the late 40’s but didn’t use plastic stocks until the early 50’s.

How many stars does a Daisy BB gun get?

4.5 out of 5 stars. 1963 Daisy bb gun air rifle ad ~ 25 PUMP GUN ~ It’s A Daisy! 5.0 out of 5 stars. Daisy Airgun Model 25 100th Anniversary Gold Belt Buckle SPECIAL SALE! BB Rifle Manuscript Diary of a Violent 12yo.

How much does a 25 pump BB gun weigh?

Model 25 Pump BB Gun Weight 4.811 lbs Rail: None Sights: adjustable for windage and elevation., B Warranty: Limited 1 Year. Safety: Crossbolt Trigger Block

When did the Daisy BB gun stop using plastic stocks?

Daisy switched to aluminum levers in the late 40’s but didn’t use plastic stocks until the early 50’s. They moved to Arkansas about 1958/59. Perhaps someone smarter than me can give you a date for the frame from the Registration #.

Who was the creator of the Daisy air gun?

Created by legendary Daisy designer, Charles Lefever, the Model 25 helped make Daisy air guns a staple underneath Christmas trees across the country for decades after its introduction in 1914. The modern Model 25 will take adults back to the excitement of their childhood shooting adventures, sporting many of the features found.

What was the serial number of the daisy airgun?

Daisy records show that on December 8, 1952, No. 25 guns K004350 thru K005258 were produced. There is no indication in the production records of any pump guns being produced with numbers lower than K004350, but we have personally seen a lower register number, so they do exist.. The record keeping system was totally manual and hand written.

How big is a Daisy B B pump gun?

TIGHT HANDLE TRIGGER AND STOCK MAKES A POPPING NOISE MEASURES APPROX 31 1/2″ LONG. You are bidding on a 1988 Vintage ad for Daisy B-B Pump Guns. This is an AD NOT the Actual B B Gun. It’s approx. 8″ x 10 3/4″ This is not more a reprint or photocopy. We ship your purchase first class mail bagged and boarded.