What kind of gun is a Browning light twelve?

What kind of gun is a Browning light twelve?

“Everyone, from members of European nobility to Bedouin tribesmen, owned or wanted a Browning Automatic” p.139 Gun Digest 2013. This Browning Belgian 12 gauge Light Twelve has the gold-plated trigger. It is engraved. This Browning is hightly reliable (as the reputation of Browning).

Where was the Browning 12 gauge shotgun made?

Have a Browning light Twelve that I can’t figure the date of production. The Browning site has me confused. Shotgun says made in Belgium on … read more Can you give me the value of a 12 Gauge Browning, serial number 10656/pp211.

What was the first semi automatic Browning shotgun?

Browning (St. Louis MO) ~ A5 Light Twelve ~ 12 GA. This A5 Light Tweve remains in very good very good original condition and dates to 1954. John Brownings shotgun was the first successful semi-automatic shotgun design. Wood is solid showing no cracks …Click for more info Very good shape overall.

Is the Browning A5 light 12 gauge good?

Browning A5 Light Twelve shotgun in good shape. This Browning feature a round knob grip and a long tang. This has heavy wear on the wood furniture and minor bluing damage. SN: 0G23426 12 Gauge …Click for more info

Is the Browning A-5 light twelve serial number of value?

Various law enforcement ac… I have an A-5 Browning light twelve ser. num. 90312 With blued barrel and different color bluing on receiver. Is it of value … read more

Where was the light 12 Browning Belgium made?

Serial # 107NW20877 This rifle was made in Belgium and is chambered for the 7mm Remington magnum cartridge. **Belgium Browning Model A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun. Serial **Belgium Browning Model A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun. Serial # 12791 This shotgun was manufactured in 1953. It is a 12 gauge with a 30″ solid rib, full choke,

What’s the serial number on a Browning 20 gauge?

Browning 20-gauge Lighting grade 1 top leverBrowning 20-gauge Lighting grade 1 top lever over-and-under shotgun circa 1959 serial number 16254; marked ”BROWNING ARMS CO. ST. LOUIS & MATERIAL P.O.

Which is the best Browning A-5 to buy?

This Browning is a Light Twelve – “A Light Twelve, the most popular of all A-5s.” p. 11 Gun Digest 2013. This Light Twelve has lived up to all the hype. It has some scratches (see pictures). Barrel has no dents or dings and an excellent bore.