What kind of paint is one shot?

What kind of paint is one shot?

Description: Oil based, high gloss enamels for interior or exterior use on metal, glass, wood, or masonite. Intended for sign writing on store fronts, vehicles, and wherever fine lettering work is desired. Characteristics: “1 SHOT”® Lettering Enamels have outstanding hiding, durability, and fade resistance.

Does one shot paint contain lead?

Caution: These are professional paints manufactured for the sign trade and are not intended for use by children. Many colors in fact, contain lead! We have had a difficult time restocking One Shot so we are discontinuing it and building our inventory in Ronan One Stroke lettering enamels.

Who makes one shot paint?

PPG Industries
About 1 Shot / Matthews Paint PPG Industries acquired Spraylat and its brands, including 1 Shot, in December 2012 and integrated Spraylat with Matthews Paint. For over 80 years, Matthews Paint has manufactured the highest quality of industrial coatings for their customers.

Can you spray one shot paint?

1 Shot Fluorescent Colors are translucent, oil-based paints that provide dazzling brilliance and color clarity. Fast drying to a dead flat finish, 1 Shot Fluorescent Colors are best apllied by spray or roller, over white primer or base.

How do you remove one shot paint?

Use the YELLOW can of Easy-Off and spray it directly on the 1-Shot. Let it sit for no more then 4 minutes and then wipe it off.

How long does shot paint last?

Product Code Description Unopened Paint Shelf Life
4007/08 /8Z Hardener 2 years

Is one shot flammable?

R11 Highly flammable. R20/22 Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed. R36 Irritating to eyes. R43 May cause sensitization by skin contact.

Can you clear coat over one shot paint?

Put a couple of drops of urethane hardener in your One Shot (use the same hardener that goes in your clear) I did my bike tank this way and it worked fine. I cleared it the next day,go light on your first coat of clear and let it flash about 20 minutes,then put the rest on normaly.

How do you use one shot paint?

Directions. Having prepared your working surface in preparation for clear coating (generally cleaning and abrading), palette your paint with the desired amount of 1 Shot Reducer; and palette in approximately 5-10% 1 Shot 4007 Hardener. Use this mixture for striping, lettering or graphics.

What do you mean by one shot?

The definition of one shot refers to a situation where you only have one chance to do something. An example of one shot is when you have only one minute to talk to the girl of your dreams and you’ll never see her again after that.

Can you clear over one shot paint?

Can I clear coat over 1 Shot Lettering Enamels? Yes. It’s important that your paint is completely dry prior to overcoating. We recommend that you use our 1 Shot #4007 Hardener, and wait at least 24 hours prior to clearing.

How do you use a one shot hardener?

Application Tips Add up to 10% by volume of 1 Shot Hardener to 1 Shot Lettering Enamel, Pearlescent, Bulletin Colors and Gloss Enamels and mix thoroughly. Add Hardener before adding any reducers. Thinning with a reducer should not be necessary. If thinning is required use (37003ZP) 1-Shot Low Temp Reducer only.