What was the Colt Model 1865 known as?

What was the Colt Model 1865 known as?

The re-classified Colt Pocket Model 1865 of Navy Caliber percussion revolver or Pocket Navy was previously known to collectors as the “Model of 1853” or the “Model 1862 Pocket Navy”. It is now more correctly termed as the heading or as the “Pocket Model of Navy Caliber” or merely “Pocket Navy.”

What was the price of a Colt Army revolver?

Colt had been criticized by this high price, and by 1865 the revolver was reduced to $14.50. The Colt “Army” revolver is to be distinguished from the Colt “Navy” revolver of which there were two models, the octagonal barrel Model 1851 Navy, and the round-barreled Model 1861 Navy, both Navy models being in the smaller .36-caliber. 15lb. 15lb.

What was the serial number of the 1860 Colt revolver?

There are very few variations on the 1860 Army Revolver, but there was limited production of a 7.5-inch barrel model below serial number 3500, and a lightened model with cylinder flutes below serial number 8000.

What kind of barrel does a Colt 1861 have?

“Colt 1861 Navy Conversion revolver with 90-92% nickel and excellent cylinder scene. Very fine ’61 Navy Conversion. Click for more info “Colt Pocket Navy Conversion revolver with a round 3 1/2″” barrel.

What was the last full production Colt revolver?

It is now more correctly termed as the heading or as the “Pocket Model of Navy Caliber” or merely “Pocket Navy.” This model was the last full production percussion revolver to be made by Colt before the advent of the cartridge era by the factory.

What kind of Revolver did Samuel Colt make?

The Colt Model 1848 Dragoon Revolver is a .44 caliber revolver designed by Samuel Colt for the U.S. Army’s Regiment of Mounted Rifles. This revolver was designed as a solution to n …Click for more info

What was the caliber of the Colt Pocket Navy?

The Pocket Navy, like the 1862 Police was chambered in 36 caliber but with a five shot rebated round cylinder roll engraved with the stagecoach holdup scene.. It had an octagonal barrel with hinged loading lever which was a similar style to the 1851 Navy revolver. The Pocket Navy was manufactured with barrel lengths of 4½, 5½ and 6 ½ inches.

Are there different types of Colt Pocket Police?

Each series has a ‘standard’ production model and a variety of limited editions. The ‘F’ series may seem more popular because there are 10 different models to choose from (1851 Navy, 1860 Army, 1861 Navy, 1862 Pocket Police, 1862 Pocket of Navy Caliber, Walker, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dragoons, and the Baby Walker).

Where is the patent on a Colt Police?

The barrel address is ‘ADDRESS COL. SAM COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA’ with. COLTS/PATENT stamped on the left side of the frame. PAT SEPT. IOth 1850 is stamped within one of the cylinder flutes. Many of the late production Model 1862 Police and the Pocket Navy were converted from percussion to cartridge use.