What was the serial number of the Remington 1889?

What was the serial number of the Remington 1889?

Remington Model 1889 went from serial number c. 24000 to c. 265000. The confusion is because the numbers, starting with the 1889 model are not really in series. Here is a breakdown of serial numbers

What kind of shotgun was made by remingtom?

Some clear pics, or a complete description, of any markings that are stamped into the gun metal of the action flats and/or the barrel’s bottom flats would help ID the shotgun, as Remingtom made several different model SxS shotguns from 1873 to 1900, excepting the later Remington Parkers.

What kind of gun was the Remington hammer?

The early E. Remington & Sons hammer guns were based on the Whitmore designed “lifter action” to open the guns.

Where to find the serial number on a Remington double barrel shotgun?

While you are at it get all the numbers located on the bottom of the barrels. With the serial number and numbers from the bottom of the barrels, we can tell you the model. when it was made. the barrel type (damascus or fluid steel) and the grade of the gun. You guys ROCK!

What’s the average price of a Remington shotgun?

Like most firearms, the cost of Remington shotguns for sale varies greatly and is determined by several factors. However, with both new and used models available, we have products for almost any budget. The Remington 870 Express and Model 783 start at around $300 on our website.

What was the last Remington shotgun with Damascus barrel?

There is a Model 1889, which was Remington’s last hammer double gun, but I didn’t think any Remington double went that high in serial number, even combined*. One thing I have noticed about Remington shotguns with Damascus barrels, there is no doubt they are Damascus.

What kind of ammo is in a Remington rifle?

Description: This is a rare, full, E. Remington & Sons 2 piece box of .38 Caliber, 40 grain bullets adapted to the Remington Mid-Range Rifle with 1 inch long tapered brass cases with patched solid head bullets…. Description: This is a sealed CCI Ammo Can filled with 650 rounds of .22 LR Mini Mag ammunition.