When did Colt stop making the Colt Cobra?

When did Colt stop making the Colt Cobra?

In 1973, both the Detective Special (Third Issue) and Cobra (Second Issue), introduced a shrouded ejector rod, and this remained part of the design until they were discontinued. The Cobra was dropped from the Colt catalog in 1981; the Detective Special remained in production another five years.

When did the Colt Cobra snubnose come out?

The Colt Cobra snubnose revolver made it first appearance in the company’s product line back in 1950. That was a time when wheelguns ruled the roost and the Cobra, in particular, was considered a high-tech, lightweight, powerful concealed carry firearm.

What was the serial number of Jack Ruby’s Colt Cobra?

I have seen many examples at gun shows that appear to have thousands of tiny scratch marks from being wiped with the wrong kind of cloth. It was an earlier version of the Colt Cobra that Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald. The serial number of Ruby’s Colt was 2744LW (note the LW stands for Light-Weight).

What kind of load does the Colt Cobra take?

The new Cobra, as one would expect from a modern handgun, is designed to handle .38 Special +P loads, letting it wring every bit of power out of the aging cartridge and making the reincarnation of the Cobra a formidable defensive tool.

When did the Colt Detective Special come out?

The majority of plainclothes officers usually packed an S&W Chief’s Special or Bodyguard, a Colt Detective Special, or the Colt Cobra. It was the era of the wheelgun. Detective Special and Cobra origins go back to 1926 when Colt introduced a 2-inch-barreled version of the popular Police Positive model called the Police Positive Special.

When did colt start making double action revolvers?

And only now has Colt begun to delve into its own history of double-action revolvers, which dates back to 1877, an appropriate 140-year span from which Colt double-action revolvers have only been totally absent since the Anaconda and Python Elite were discontinued back in 2006.

Are there any compact revolvers made by S & W?

At the same time, S&W has continued to advance the technology and produce a full line of compact revolvers in a variety of calibers. S&W is not alone in this market today, a fact that was not lost on Colt as the company began to resurrect itself once again in the new century.