Who are the parents of Dick Powell Jr?

Who are the parents of Dick Powell Jr?

They had different forms of cancer. Father of Dick Powell Jr. from his marriage to June Allyson. His parents were Ewing and Sallie Rowena Thompson Powell. His brother Luther Powell was born October 30, 1906, and died August 15, 1996. His brother Howard Smith Powell was born October 13, 1899, and died in January, 1986.

Who was the first wife of Dick Powell?

Dick Powell was a logical man, and although he cared deeply for Marion, the relationship with Joan seemed more realistic. She was in the process of divorcing her first husband, whereas Marion had no intention of breaking off her relationship with Hearst. On September 19, 1936, Dick Powell married Joan Blondell.

Where is Dick Powell on the Walk of Fame?

Featured in “Bad Boys: The Actors of Film Noir” by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry (McFarland, 2003). He was awarded three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: for motion pictures at 6915 Hollywood Boulevard, for television at 6745 Hollywood Boulevard, and for radio at 1560 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

Who are the actors that played with Dick Powell?

Keeler wasn’t the only frequent co-star for Powell. Warner Brothers’ films tended to team casts from successful movies again and again. Over the years, Dick appeared in multiple films with Pat O’Brien, Ginger Rogers, New Sparks, Guy Kibbee, Ann Dvorak, Ross Alexander, Hugh Herbert, Marion Davies, and Joan Blondell.

Who was Dick Powell and what did he do?

Dick Powell was a musical actor in the 1930s who transitioned into a noir actor in the ’40s and then a TV producer in the ’50s. Born on November 14, 1904, in Arkansas, Dick Powell starred in many of Warner Bros. most renowned musical productions, including 42nd Street and Footlight Parade and Dames.

Where did Dick Powell grow up in Arkansas?

Few actors ever managed a complete image transition as thoroughly as did Dick Powell: in his case, from the boyish, wavy-haired crooner in musicals to rugged crime fighters in films noir. Powell grew up in the town of Little Rock, Arkansas, one of three brothers (one of them, Howard, ended up as vice president of the Illinois Central Railroad).

What are the names of Dick Powell’s Brothers?

Powell was born the middle son of three boys in Mountain View, the seat of Stone County in northern Arkansas. His brothers were Luther (the eldest), and Howard (the youngest).

When was Dick Powell married to Allyson Powell?

Powell remained married to Allyson until his death from cancer on January 3, 1963.