How big is the barrel on a Belgium Browning?

How big is the barrel on a Belgium Browning?

Belgium Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade (Hand Engraving) O/U 12 ga. 28″ barrel w/ Browning Case–Lower Price!! Offered is a lovely little Browning Superposed O/U shotguln in 20 gauge 3″. The O/U barrels are 26 3/8″ long and choked Mod/IC.

Are there any Browning shotguns with over unders?

6864 Browning Superposed Lightning 12 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod. mfg 1967,no salt,Tom Seitz famou… This is a gorgeous Browning Superposed Midas Grade over/under field combo in 12 and 20 gauge. 28″ barrels both, choked Mod/Full.

When was the Belgium Browning Model A 5 made?

Serial **Belgium Browning Model A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun. Serial # 12791 This shotgun was manufactured in 1953. It is a 12 gauge with a 30″ solid rib, full choke, **Belgium Browning Model A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun.

When was the first Belgian Browning shotgun made?

BAERTEN WAS BROWNING’S FACTORY MASTER ENGRAVER FROM 1955 TO 1987. A MINT CONDITION COP… (read more) Belgian Browning Superposed Midas Grade in 12 gauge. This engraved and gold embellished Belgian Browning Midas Grade was manufactured in 1966 with 30 inch barrels.

How to identify a Belgian Browning light 20?

Some of the Belgium ones were in big letters on the left side of the reciever and some in small letters in the barrel. I need a A-5 light 20 with choke tubes. This would be a Japan one as none of the Belgium light 20’s came with choke tubes as far as I can tell. You sure it was an A5 and not a B2000?

Is the Browning Liege 12 gauge for sale?

Gentlemen, for sale is a Browning Liege 12 gauge over and under. This is super gun. It’s probably rated 98%+ both metal and wood. The gun was made in Belgium in 1973. Specifi …Click for more info

Where does the Browning 20ga semi auto shotgun come from?

The bride calls me on the cell phone from a garage sale asking if I want a Belgium Browning 20Ga. Semi Auto Shotgun. We chat about the condition as she describes it to me. I asked her to look on the barrel and see if the word Belgium appeared she said NO all it had was “Browning Arms Co. St Louis Mo.” and (BP) in a circle.

How big is a Belgian Browning Superposed bbls?

I looked at a friends 1960’s vintage belgian browning superposed. 20 ga. 26″ bbls IC and Modified. The gun is in nearly perfect shape from the muzzle right back to the buttstock. Lever just to the right of center. opens smoothly.

Are there Browning Superposed 20 gauge shotguns for sale?

Offdered for purchase is a lovely Browning Superposed Lightning O/U 20 gauge shotgun. This is a Belgium made Browning with all the quality and beauty these guns offer. This is a Ligh …Click for more info

It is a Belgium 20 Ga Magnum barrel. It is 28in and is the earlier St Louis and Montreal address. It will fit both Belgium and Ja… (read more) Browning A5 Light 12 70 Belgium looks unfired! This is a like new condition 1970 Belgium made Browning A5 Light 12. Frm the bolt face it looks to be unfired. It has a Vent Rib 28in Modifed barrel.

How big is the barrel on a Browning A5?

Browning Belgium A5 20 Magnum barrel. This is an excellent condition Browning A5 barrel. It is a Belgium 20 Ga Magnum barrel. It is 28in and is the earlier St Louis and Montreal address.

How much does a Belgium Browning A5 cost?

GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We buy, sell, consign and trade new and used firearms.We will pa… (read more) This is a Belgium made Browning A5 Light 20 barrel. It is new in the box and is 28in Vent Rib full choked. Shipping is $19.95.

What kind of gun is a Belgium A5 Magnum?

This is a 1970 Belgium made Browning A5 Magnum 12 Gauge. It shoots both 2 3/4in and 3in shells. It has a Vent Rib 30in Full barrel. It has some field use as seen and is sold.

When did the Browning Diana grade shotgun come out?

Here we offer a Belgium manufactured “Diana Grade” over under engraved by master engraver “R. Bee”. This is a square knob, with single trigger and auto ejectors. Mfg date 1972. 12 …Click for more info

Where are the Browning guns made in the world?

Most Browning guns were made in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale (FN) until the mid 1970s when some production was shifted to Miroku in Japan. Today’s Browning firearms are made in either Belgium, Portugal, Japan or in the United States.

Where was the Belgium Browning semi auto made?

Serial # 73X 50504. 20 Ga. 3” semi auto shotgun made in Belgium in 1973. 25” vent rib barrel choked cylinder with a bore that should clean up to excellent. The barrel has been cut approximately 3”. 75% of the original finish remains on the metal. There are some scuff marks on the barrel and some dings and heavy carry wear on the receiver.

What’s the value of a Belgium Browning 20ga?

The 20ga has to have the right guy buying it like the sweet sixteen. I have some of the 12ga versions and as far as a value most guys wouldnt give $250 for an a5 but some may give $800 being a 20ga. I have a 12 gauge Belgium Browning and been offered $1,000 for it but it’s not for sale.