How much is a SIG Sauer P232 worth?

How much is a SIG Sauer P232 worth?

What is a SIG SAUER P232 pistol Worth? A SIG SAUER P232 pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,346.09 new and $717.54 used .

Is SIG Sauer P232 discontinued?

Imports of the SIG Sauer P232 to the United States, and of spare parts and magazines, were discontinued in July 2014. Although the P230 and P232 are known for reliability and accuracy, market competition had increased with the proliferation of smaller, lighter and less expensive pistols chambered for the .

Is the SIG P232 a good gun?

The P232 is made of excellent and reliable parts. While many will scoff at the idea of relying on a . 380 for self-defense, the P232 makes a strong case for itself in this day and age. Its accuracy, reliability, and appearance make for a desirable handgun.

What replaced the SIG P232?

Sauer P230
SIG Sauer P230: heir to P232 The latter adopted the P230 in the 7.65 Browning caliber as a new weapon to replace the .

What is the value of a Sig Sauer P230?

What is a SIG P230 pistol Worth? A SIG P230 pistol is currently worth an average price of $779.91 new and $628.29 used . The 12 month average price is $779.91 new and $637.78 used.

What kind of pistol is the SIG Sauer P232?

SIG SAUER P232 Stainless .380 Pistol review by the Guns and Shooting Online Staff. SIG SAUER P232 Stainless .380 ACP Pistol

Where is the decocking lever on the SIG Sauer P232?

A feature of the P232 is the decocking lever on the left side of the gun, a true “trademark” on almost all SIG Sauer hammer fired handguns.

When did the p-230 pistol come out?

P-230 hit the market circa 1977 and was manufactured untill the 1996, when it was replaced by the P-232 pistol, which is no more than technologically and ergonomically improved P-230.

What kind of ammunition does SIG Sauer use?

The West German police decided to use 9mm Parabellum ammunition, with SIG Sauer P225 (P6), Walther P5, and H&K P7 being selected, and would be issued at the discretion of each state. The design and function of the P230 is of the simple fixed barrel, straight blow-back configuration.