What does the abbreviation corps stand for?

What does the abbreviation corps stand for?

CORPS. Collaboration, Outreach, Recognition, Performance, and Scholarship.

What does Army Corps stand for?

corps Add to list Share. A corps is an army unit consisting of at least two divisions. The main meaning of a corps (which is singular despite the s) is a unit of the army. The word applies to other groups, too.

What does the corps in Marine Corps stand for?

Corpse refers to a dead body, and especially to the dead body of a human. Corp is an abbreviation for “corporation” and “corporal.” Corp, corps, and corpse all trace back to the Latin word corpus, meaning “body.” The origin of core is obscure.

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Why is the p silent in corps?

Why don’t you pronounce the p and s in Corps, such as the Marine Corps? One reason is that the resulting pronunciation would identical to that of “corpse”. The image of dead bodies is not one that sits well with how the populace at large likes to think of the various military units whose job is to protect them.

What is a synonym for corps?

unit, division, detachment, section, company, troop, contingent, squad, squadron, regiment, garrison, battalion, brigade, platoon, force. group, body, band, team, party, troupe, gang, pack. cohort. informal bunch, crew, gaggle, posse.

Why do corps pronounce core?

The word corps means bodies in French, and is also pronounced “core”, like in many French words where letters are written but not pronounced. Corps comes from Latin corpus, where every letter was pronounced. The pronunciation was “modernized” and “simplified” in modern French ..

What is a dead body called?

A dead body is usually a corpse in a mystery story. The term cadaver also apparently has a more deathly ring in medicine. “Cadaver” comes from the Latin word “cadere” (to fall).

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Why is the k silent in knife?

Words like knowledge, knee, knife have their origin associated to Old English forms. These forms used to begin with cn (the change from c to k was an orthographic change, which is out of the current question’s scope). So, these words beginning with ‘k’ were pronounced with sound of k followed by ‘n’.

How is Army corps pronounced?

The word core sounds just like corps: when singular it is pronounced \KOR\ ; when plural it is pronounced as you’d expect: \KORZ\.

What is the definition of an Army Corps?

Princeton’s WordNet(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: corps, army corps(noun) an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support corps(noun) a body of people associated together

What was the name of the Chinese Revolutionary Army Corps?

The National Revolutionary Army (NRA) Corps (軍團) was a type of military organization used by the Chinese Republic, and usually exercised command over two to three NRA Divisions and often a number of Independent Brigades or Regiments and supporting units.

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What’s the difference between a corps and a brigade?

(That is, XXXX represents a field army, XX represents a division and X represents a brigade ). In many armies, a corps is a battlefield formation composed of two or more divisions, and typically commanded by a lieutenant general.

When was the First Corps of the French Army formed?

A military innovation by Napoleon, the formation was first named as such in 1805. Within military terminology a corps may be: an operational formation, sometimes known as a field corps, which consists of two or more divisions, such as the Corps d’armée, later known as I Corps (“First Corps”) of Napoleon’s Grande Armée);