What is a 32 20 pistol?

What is a 32 20 pistol?

Colt produced a single-action revolver chambered for this cartridge a few years later. The name . 32-20 refers to the 32 caliber bullet of . 312-inch-diameter (7.9 mm) and standard black-powder charge of 20 grains (1.3 g).

When was the Colt Peacemaker made?

The U.S. Army adopted the new handgun in July 1873, naming it the M1873, and bought 36,000 revolvers chambered in . 45 Colt caliber. The revolver was introduced to the civilian market two months later, acquiring the nickname “Peacemaker.” In 1878, the Peacemaker was introduced in .

When was the Colt Single Action Army made?

Colt Single Action Army
Designed 1872
Manufacturer Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company
Produced 1873–1941 1956–1974 1976–present
No. built 457,000+

Do they still make 32 20 ammo?

. 32-20 is available at most any well-stocked LGS. Tens of 1000’s of firearms so chambered are still in regular usage. The cartridge is perfect for plinking, small game and can even serve in a defensive capacity.

How much is a 32 rifle worth?

WINCHESTER 32 40 rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A WINCHESTER 32 40 rifle is currently worth an average price of $2,308.85 new and $1,790.92 used . The 12 month average price is $2,308.85 new and $1,796.84 used.

When did the Colt Army Special come out?

Please try again later. The Colt Army Special is a double action/single action revolver that was chambered in 32-20 (32 WCF), 38 Special, and 41 Long Colt. This one was made in 1926.

What’s the serial number on a Colt 32-20?

Colt Police Positive 1923 made 32-20 in original BOX! This is a 1923 made Colt Police Positive in 32-20 WCF (Winchester Center Fire). It is a rare find with original box with serial number visible on back.

How big is the barrel of a Colt 32 WCF?

Colt 1st Generation SAA Single Action Army c. 1906, .32 WCF, 4.75″ Barrel, Nickel, with Vintage… This is a 1906 (serial #284100) Colt Single Action Army revolver, in .32 WCF, with 4.75″ barrel, all matching numbers and remaining original nickel finish.

Is the Colt 32 / 20 chambered in wood?

This Colt Bisley was special ordered with factory wood grips and is chambered in 32/20 (.32 WCF). It retains most of its original case colors. This gun is one of the finest guns we… (read more) Shipped July 11, 1901 to Wyeth Hdw. & Mfg. in St. Joseph, MO.. Good condition and mechanically very good and locks up tight. A shooter and collectable.