What is a WINCHESTER MODEL 70 Featherweight?

What is a WINCHESTER MODEL 70 Featherweight?

The Winchester® Model 70® Featherweight Bolt-Action Rifle is slightly slimmer, trimmer, and lighter weight than the Sporter model to enhance fast handling as well as ease of carry. A 3-position safety allows the shooter to load or unload the Model 70 Featherweight with the safety engaged in the mid position.

How many rounds does a Winchester Model 70 hold?

Winchester Model 70
Barrel length 22, 24 25 or 26 inch
Cartridge various, see article
Action bolt action
Feed system internal spring fed well with floorplate 3-round capacity (magnum calibers) 4-round capacity (large calibers) 5-round capacity (standard calibers)

What is the price of a Winchester 30 ought 6?

What is a WINCHESTER 30 06 rifle Worth? A WINCHESTER 30 06 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,341.29 new and $1,036.19 used .

Are Winchester rifles accurate?

Modern rifles, manufactured with high-precision tooling, are more accurate but Winchester lever-actions were definitely accurate across their effective range. Winchester’s rifles were well made and accurate, as were the Springfield rifles used by the US military at the time.

When did the Winchester Model 70 featherweight come out?

Find out plus a lot more in this Winchester Model 70 Featherweight review. To tell the story of this carbine, we need to take it from its roots at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, a worldwide arms revolution occurred with multiple-charge rifles, smokeless gunpowder, and hard-shell coated shells all being invented.

When did the Springfield 30 mm cartridge come out?

These cases were much more accurate than the previous soft, all lead bullets. As a result of this weapons revolution, the Springfield rifle cartridge .30–06 (also known as the 7.62 × 63 mm) was adopted by the American Army in 1906.

What kind of animal can a Winchester Model 70 shoot?

The Winchester Model 70 has the widest range of ammo compatibility of any rifle. With this wide range, you can use a Winchester Model 70 to hunt basically any living creature: from a rat (.22 Hornet caliber, 5.56 mm) to an elephant or rhino (.375 H&H Magnum).