What is the lightest revolver on the market?

What is the lightest revolver on the market?

The Smith & Wesson Model 329PD takes technology the company pioneered for smaller revolvers and ports it to large frame, large caliber revolvers. The result is perhaps the lightest . 44 Magnum revolver ever made.

Whats stronger 357 or 44?

As for bullet energy, the 357 comes out at 566 ft-lbs while the 44 creates 832 & 904 ft-lbs. This indicates what we already knew: The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. 357: 1375 fps, 524 ft-lbs 44: 1361 fps, 987 ft-lbs. Much closer in velocity, still vastly different in energy.

What kind of Revolver is the Colt 1877?

Excellent and Rare antique Colt 1877 Double Action Sheriffs Model revolver with a 4 1/2” barrel and it’s original and very fancy maker marked belt with holster.. Factory letter is included and a …Click for more info Nice shape, original, not messed with apart from front sight blade filed a tad, DA/SA everything works. Click for more info

What kind of Revolver is the Colt Cobra?

The Colt Cobra is a lightweight, aluminum-framed, double-action short-barrelled revolver, not to be confused with the Colt King Cobra. The Cobra was chambered in.38 Special,.38 New police,.32 Colt New Police, and.22 LR.

What kind of gun is the Colt Agent?

NEW THIS WEEK! The Agent was basically the early Cobra, only made with a special short grip frame. The Agent was intended to be a highly concealable undercover revolver with a minimal grip to aid concealment. The Se …Click for more info Firearm Description: Brand: Colt Model: Agent Caliber: .38SPL Barrel Length: 2 Inches Condition: Used.

What was the caliber of the Colt Detective Special?

For the Second Series, caliber options were .32 New Police, .38 New Police, and .38 Special; only .38 Special was offered for the other Series. The standard barrel length was 2 inches, but also a (rare) three-inch-barrel was offered during the Second and Third Series.