What kind of gun is the Browning BPS?

What kind of gun is the Browning BPS?

Even to this day, the Browning Arms Company is at the forefront of shotgun manufacturing and design. I have a special place in my heart for shotguns, especially Browning’s varieties. The Browning BPS is just one of many remarkable firearms manufactured by Browning.

What kind of gauge is the BPS Stalker?

Although the Stalker is only available in different forms of the 12 gauge, the BPS Hunter is available in 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauges, plus the .410 caliber.

What are the specs of a Browning shotgun?

Browning BPS Shotgun Specs 1 Model: Hunter 2 Gauge: 12 Ga 3 Overall Length: 46 ¾” 4 Barrel Length: 26” 5 Mag Capacity: 4 6 Weight: 7 lbs. 10 oz. 7 Sights: Front silver bead 8 Mag Type: Tubular 9 MSRP: $699.99 More …

Where can I find the serial number on my Browning?

Now you can date your Browning firearm. The serial number found on your gun has the answer. This area will help you read that serial number. To find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner’s manual. We have most owner’s manuals online.

Are there any Browning 12 gauge shotguns for sale?

Our vast selection includes the popular Browning A5, BT-99, BPS, Citori, and Maxus, all of which can be purchased new or used. Find Browning shotguns with a variety of features, finishes, and options, configured in 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, and 410 bore.

What does back bored do on a BPS 12 gauge shotgun?

BACK-BORED TECHNOLOGY — Today’s new, improved BPS 12 gauge shotguns feature Back-Bored Technology. Back-boring increases the inside bore diameter to its ideal, maximum allowable specification. This reduces friction between the shot cup and the barrel, reducing shot deformation for better patterning.

What kind of shooting do you do with a Browning shotgun?

As a general rule, the smaller gauges (28, 20, 16) are meant for clay target shooting and hunting smaller birds and game, while the larger gauges (10, 12) are commonly used for personal defense and hunting larger game species like deer and turkey. When picking out the right model for you, you must consider what type of shooting you’ll be doing.