What kind of Magnum can a Browning BAR shoot?

What kind of Magnum can a Browning BAR shoot?

In fact, the BAR is still unique as a semi-auto that can accommodate magnums like the 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag. This means the BAR is capable of dropping antelope, deer, elk, moose and bear. No other production semi-automatic rifle can make this statement without a stretch.

How to unload the magazine on a Browning BAR?

Unload the magazine by pushing forward on the base of each round until it clears the retaining lips. 2 Pull the bolt fully rearward with the operating handle. It will be held in this open position if the magazine is installed and empty. If the magazine is missing, open the bolt and manually push the bolt release lever up to lock the action open.

How to remove magazine from Browning BAR Mark II Safari?

Remove all rounds from the magazine clip on the hinged floorplate. Always visually inspect the chamber to make sure there are no rounds present. (See page 7 for instructions on removing and unloading the magazine).

Where can I get a Browning rifle disassembled?

If further disassembly for senice or cleaning is required, take your gun to a Browning recommended Service Center or a competent gunsmith, or send it to our Arnold, Missouri Service Facility as explained under “Service or Repair”. 1 BE CERTAIN THE RIFLE IS UNLOADED.

What’s the caliber of a 1988 Browning BAR?

1988 Browning BAR made in Belgium in 270 Win. caliber with a 22″ barrel. It remains in excellent conditon with a shiny bore, and is topped with a 3×9 Redfield scope. Gun will ship in a hardside …Click for more info Presenting a used 98 per cent condition Browning BAR II Safari Grade rifle in caliber 7mm Remington Magnum.

Where can I buy a Browning 30-06 BAR?

PHONE 260 367 2633 CELL 260 243 0700 …Click for more info Browning .30-06 Sprg. BAR Grade II Browning .30-06 Sprg. BAR Gr II, serial number: 96563M71 Made in Belgium Single folding rear sight and ramp front sight 22″ bbl. Prong horn and elk engraving 98% (few small han …Click for more info

What kind of barrel does a Browning BAR Mk3 have?

NEW THIS WEEK! Browning BAR MK3 is chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum and features a deeply blued barrel, stainless steel receiver, and a wooden forend and stock. The forend and stock have sling studs and a r …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! MADE IN BELGIUM IN 1985. USED BY BROWNING FOR TRAINING GUNSMITHS. ONE OF A KIND.