When did the Colt Woodsman sport pistol come out?

When did the Colt Woodsman sport pistol come out?

That was the name of the pistol until 1927. Made near the end of the Pre-War series, this Colt Woodsman Sport Model came out of the Colt Hartford factory in 1941. Colt originally saw the Caliber .22 Target Model as a pistol for the target shooter, as the name implied.

How much does a colt pre-woodsman cost?

This gun was sold and ship …Click for more info Colt Pre-Woodsman with 6 5/8″ barrel in .22 cal. With wood grips with diamond Gun is in 99% original condition . Also known as the Colt automatic pistol. Buyer pays $38.00 shipping. …

How big is the barrel on a Colt Woodsman?

First generation Colt Woodsman in box. The company sold an estimated 690,000 of these guns in three different variants. The first was a Sport Model with a 4.5-inch round barrel. The second variant was a Match Target Model which had a slab-sided 6.5-inch barrel and an 11-inch overall length. .

When did Colt Woodsman change to 22 LR?

Those made after 1933 were all designed for high velocity .22 LR, with a stronger recoil spring and a case hardened mainspring housing, which is the part that takes the brunt of the recoil. The transition took place in the early part of 1933. They all will handle standard velocity ammo, which is what all target .22 LR is to this day.

What kind of ammo does a Colt Woodsman 22 use?

There were no markings as to model or caliber on the frame or barrel. These pistols were designed to use only Standard velocity ammo, (which was the only ammo at that time) and this pistol was identified by a checkered thumbprint on the upper rear web of the mainspring housing.

What are the changes to the Colt Woodsman?

With the Second Series, the fully adjustable rear became standard on all Colt Woodsman models. Other Second Series changes included an automatic slide stop to hold the action open after the last round was fired, a lanyard ring in the butt and a thumb rest on the left side of the wooden grip.

Where are the serial numbers on a Colt Woodsman?

The LH side of the of the frame at the location of the barrel threads is marked ‘The Woodsman”. The model was the same, serial numbers carried on from the pre series, but at this time the addition of the 4 1/2″ sport barrel and the first series Match Target which had a heavy flat sided barrel was introduced.