Who made Parker-Hale shotguns?

Who made Parker-Hale shotguns?

Parker Hale 20 gauge Sidelock Ejector Parker Hale made by Ugartechea in Spain, very Hight quality European sidelock.

What is a Parker Hale Enfield?

The Parker-Hale sporting rifles built on the Lee action were re-built military surplus rifles and so were all chambered for the . 303 British cartridge. They are a nice rifle if you can find one in good condition.

Is an M1 carbine considered an assault rifle?

Assault rifles by military definition are selective fire rifles firing an intermediate cartridge. Neither M1 Carbine, or AR-15 are assault rifles since neither have full auto capability. An M 16, or M 4 is an assault rifle.

What kind of stock does Parker Hale have?

PARKER HALE .243 LAMINATE BOLT ACTION RIFLE. .243 Parker Hale Bolt Action Rifle in a RARE Laminate stock. This stock option is only available on some of the latest rifles to be built before the manufacturer sadly closed.

What kind of rifle is Parker Hale No 4?

Parker Hale custom NO 4 based on the tried and trusted Lee Enfield No 4 action featuring a Monte Carlo stock, ramp front sight and 5 shot magazine. Comes with new Nikko Stirling Panamax 4-12×50 AO scope, leather cover, sling and sheep skin… PARKER HALE 7.62 NATO MODEL T4 BOLT ACTION RIFLE.

Is the Parker Hale 243 varmint good for bench work?

Parker Hale 243 Varmint Rifle. Love this thing but unfortunately have not had the time or the opportunity to fully utilize it. Set up for bench work as well as var-minting. Very accurate and very versatile. Great feeling stock with cheek piece and palm bubble.

What kind of action does a Parker Hale use?

I had previously assumed all Parker Hales had been built on Santa Barbara actions, but i have seen a few of late that were built on military-type actions, with the K98 swing-type safety and thumb slot. These generally appear to be older rifles, and i assume they were just using post-war surplus military actions.