Are there any 38 Special pistols?

Are there any 38 Special pistols?

38 Special revolvers. One modern example of a . 38 Special–capable revolver is the Model 686. The 686 is based off Smith & Wesson’s L (medium) revolver frame.

Is a 38 Special a good carry gun?

Some people like the old way of doing things, and for just such a person . 38 Special revolvers are a great option of concealed carry gun. 38 Special guns that are good for concealed carry revolvers and other uses, including target shooting, home defense and so on.

Is a 38 Special a good gun for a woman?

I recently came across an article at Water n’ Woods called The Overall Best Handgun For Women. The post claims that a Smith & Wesson . 38 special snub nose revolver is the best gun for women.

Is there a difference between .38 and .38 special?

There’s no difference between a . 38 and a 38 special. The former refers to a caliber with a . 357 inch bullet diameter, while the latter is a cartridge variant under the .

Can a 50 AE kill a bear?

No, it’s not. In fact, it’s such a terrible weapon for hiking or backcountry safety that if I encountered a person carrying one, I would move quickly away from them as I would suspect that they didn’t know enough about firearms or safety to be around.

What kind of Revolver is a 38 Special?

Taurus 856 UltraLite .38 Special Revolver Ruger LCR .38 Special Double-Action Revolver Ruger LCR .357 Mag Revolver Taurus Tracker 627SS4 .357 Magnum Revolver Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Revolver Smith & Wesson Governor .410/.45 ACP/.45 LC Revolver Smith & Wesson Model 637 .38 Special +P Revolver Taurus .45/.410 Single- and Double-Action Revolver

Can A.38 special round be used in self defense?

Known for its easily managed recoil impulse, the .38 Special round of the 856 can accommodate ammunition ranging from light target loads to self-defense rounds. The action and 2-inch barrel on the 856 optimizes on-body or off-body carry, and home defense usage.

How many rounds are in 38 Special Ammo?

38 Special Ammo Description Grains FPS Rounds PPR 38 Special – Bulk SHIPS WITHIN 158gr n/a 500 $0.68 38 Special – Bulk Oak Island Ammo Remanu 158gr n/a 1,000 $0.70 38 Special – Target MEMORIAL DAY SALE TH 158gr n/a 250 $0.83

What’s the price of a Smith and Wesson 38 Special?

Smith & Wesson Model 442 (No Integral Lock) Revolver 38 S&W Special +P 1.875″ Barrel 5-Round Black, Synthetic Black – $497