Does anyone still make 16-gauge shotguns?

Does anyone still make 16-gauge shotguns?

First, the (sort-of) good news: the 16 gauge shotgun has been dying the same slow death now for about 50 years and it’s not dead yet. It has just made a strategic withdrawal, becoming more of a cult gun and a favorite of smart upland hunters and those willing to load for it.

Who makes a 16-gauge side by side shotgun?

16 Gauge | CZ-USA.

Is a 16-gauge shotgun rare?

A rare sighting, the elusive 16 gauge shotgun out in the wild. The 12 gauge is far and away the most common shotgun shell in the country, and it just might be the single-most common ammunition cartridge among all firearms, pistols and rifles included. The 16-gauge, on the other hand, is somewhat of a rarity.

Why did they stop making 16-gauge shotguns?

Not so many years ago, one of the other major sporting publications declared the death of the 16 gauge, citing the lack of available choices in both new guns and affordable ammunition as the twin executioners of the sub-gauge shotgun.

What is the effective range of a 16-gauge shotgun?

When used in choked barrels, this is a very effective load for medium-sized game at ranges of up to 35 / 36 metres.

When did the Browning Sweet 16 shotgun come out?

Look closely at your gun to make sure it is a Sweet 16, 16-gauge shotgun and not a standard 16-gauge shotgun. All Sweet 16 shotguns made in 1949 and on will have “Sweet Sixteen” engraved on the left side of the receiver.

Where can I buy 16 gauge shotgun shells?

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How big is an A5 Sweet Sixteen barrel?

Read more by going to the A5 article here. Item Number 0118005004 UPC 023614439585 Gauge 16 Chamber Length 2 3/4″ Barrel Length 28″ Overall Length 49 1/4″ Length of Pull 14 1/4″ Drop at Comb 1 3/4″ Drop at Heel 2″ Weight 5 lbs 13 oz

What makes the Browning A5 16 gauge different?

Like its most revered predecessor, the Browning A5 16 gauge is built on a smaller, lighter receiver for reduced weight and a sleek feel in your hands. It also benefits from the advantages of Total Barrel Dynamics and the Invector-DS choke tube system to extract the most performance from this revered gauge.