How do I get the combination to my old sentry safe?

How do I get the combination to my old sentry safe?

How to Recover the Code to a Sentry Safe

  1. Go to the “Sentry Recover Your Combination” website (
  2. Enter your username and password in the “Find a Registered Combination Online” section fields.
  3. Click the “Recover Combination” button to retrieve your combination.

How do you open a Sentry safe with a dead battery?

There is a small opening on the front number panel of safe. Use a small hex screwdriver or pin to insert into opening. It will open up the front panel (slide panel to right to take off) showing you 4 AA batteries. Just replace and close panel.

How can I tell what model my Sentry safe is?

To find the model number for gun-safe units, owners should look on the serial number label located in back of the unit or on the unit’s right side. Sentrysafe models are locked using a combination lock or LCD electronic keypad, and the company provides instructions on its FAQ page for opening both types of locks.

Where can I Find my SentrySafe model number?

SentrySafe is committed to providing you the support you need. To find your model or serial number, identify your safe type from the options below. Bottom of unit. Lost Your Key or Combination?

Who is the owner of the SENTRY fire safe?

Sentry is owned by Master Lock, a division of Fortune Brands Home & Security and a company that’s been around for eighty years.

Is there a way to open a Sentry Safe?

This method involves no damage to the safe and if you do it correctly, will leave no signs that you were even there at all. So how do you open a Sentry Safe? Well, it doesn’t take a locksmith with decades of experience or the Sentry Safe combination, all you need is a magnet.

Why is a padlock on a safe called a safe?

It appears to be made of strong materials, it has a digital keypad to lock it, and it is called a safe. More importantly, the packaging for this particular safe has a padlock icon and the word security, which is an implied representation that it is in fact secure, at least to the unsophisticated buyer.