How much is a Browning BAR safari worth?

How much is a Browning BAR safari worth?

A BAR SAFARI rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,344.57 new and $1,328.28 used .

How accurate is a Browning BAR 30-06?

Belgium BAR, in 30-06 very reliably, and is still 1 MOA accurate with it’s favorite loads.

How reliable is the Browning BAR?

Assuming you mean the Browning civilian BAR – they are excellent for hunting – a little heavy but very solid reliable dependable and accurate! The 30–06 is a tried and true big game cartridge capable of taking every big game animal in the North American continent including the big bears!

Are Browning BARs good?

The Browning BAR is about as highly touted a rifle as exists, and it has the real chops to assure your success in the field. When you have the best reputation in the industry for smooth function, fit, and finish, you can charge more than the other guys and expect to consistently get it.

Where did they make the Browning Safari 30-06?

Browning had them made up at the FN plant in Belgium with premium FN Mauser actions and barrels. An article regarding the process of treating stock wood with a salt curing confirms this took place from 1966 to 1971.

How big is the barrel on a Browning Safari?

Browning Safari rifle chambered in .308 Norma Magnum. Sights are a hooded front sight and a Leupold receiver mount for mounting optics. Barrel is 24 inches, blued. Bore is bright with strong rifling. Click for more info These fine very high quality Safari Grade Belg made are one of the great values in the gun world at this time.

When did the Browning Mark II gun come out?

First introduced by Browning in 1967. Announced in 1993, this Mark II design uses a new gas system, with newly designed buffering system to improve reliability. Has new bolt release lever, new easily removable trigger assembly. Available with- or with-out sights.

When was the Browning Grade III gun discontinued?

1968-1974. Discontinued 1984. NOTE: Grade III offered in two variations. First was hand-engraved and produced in Belgium. Second was photo-etched and built in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. Second variation will not be as valuable as first.