How much is a Savage Model 24 worth?

How much is a Savage Model 24 worth?

A SAVAGE 24 shotgun is currently worth an average price of $590.06 used .

What do savage model numbers mean?

Savage has basiclly divided up the types of rifles and given them their own series. 2 digit numbers are Short Actions and 3 digit numbers are long actions. 10/110 = Sporter (old designation, now 10/110 is designation for the Law Enforcement Series) 11/111 = Sporter (new designation) 12/112 = Varmint Series.

Where is savage Renegauge made?

I got to field test a pre-production version of the gun on a December sea duck hunt in Maine before meeting with the engineers at Savage’s factory in Westfield, Massachusetts, where the gun is being made. The Renegauge pointed beautifully on eiders, longtail ducks, and divers, it ran Boss 2 ¾-inch No.

What is a Stevens 22 410 worth?

22 barrel is rifled while the . 410 barrel is smooth bore. You can not find these Combination guns anywhere and this one is in good shape for the money. The price is right at $579.

What is a Savage Model 99 worth?

A SAVAGE 99 rifle is currently worth an average price of $819.20 used . The 12 month average price is $932.09 used. The used value of a SAVAGE 99 rifle has fallen ($69.50) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $819.20 .

What does XP mean Savage?

Savage offers a wide selection of “package” rifles that come out of the box with a riflescope already mounted and bore-sighted. Essentially, all you have to do is finalize the zero with your load and go hunting. (The “II” indicates the AccuTrigger, and the “XP” designates it as a package rifle.)

Is the savage Renegauge any good?

Even when firing 3-inch magnum waterfowl loads, the 8-pound Renegauge is manageable. I was impressed by the gun’s ability to cycle very light loads without failure. After shooting 200 rounds of 1- and 1 1/8-ounce target loads, the Renegauge Waterfowl was still cycling consistently.

Are Savage Arms shotguns good?

Savage Arms offers several Stevens 320 shotguns with various furniture and sighting options, but they all are affordable, durable and perfect for home-defense duty. During testing, the Stevens 320’s pump action was very smooth and easy to operate.

How long has the Savage Model 24 been in production?

The Savage Model 24 combination rifle/shotgun was in production for nearly 70 years (1938-2006). During it’s lifespan Savage continually made changes to the Model 24’s design resulting in numerous model and series groupings.

Where can I buy a savage 24V combo?

Savage 24V Combo,30-30 Win.,20 Gauge,3″ Chamber,24″ Barrels,96% Bluing and CC, Solid Original Finish Wood with some Dngs, Mirror Bores!! Store hours Thurs-Fri-10AM-8PM Sat-9AM-12PM All Ot …Click for more info SAVAGE 24, 22 LR. OVER 410 GA., OLDER GUN WITH MOST DESIRED SIDE BUTTON BARREL SELECTOR WALNUT WOOD HAS NORMAL HANDLING MARKS.

When was the Savage Model B SE discontinued?

It was to be a long lived model, remaining in the Savage line until rising manufacturing costs and the sale and reorganization of Savage Industries, Inc. (which became today’s Savage Arms Company) caused it to be discontinued in 1988. By that time the MSRP for the Fox Model B-SE had risen to $525.

Where is the date code on a Stevens Savage 24?

Stevens / Savage 24 date codes. “Collectors will find a date code stamped on every double-barrel shotgun in the Stevens brands produced between March 1949 and December 1968. Usually, it is behind the hinge pin or ahead of the trigger guard on the bottom of the frame.