How old was the Winchester Model 94 when it came out?

How old was the Winchester Model 94 when it came out?

Shotgun Boogie! I fell in love with the Winchester Model 94 ‘Antique’ Carbine at age 10, thanks to a Winchester ad. Of course it wasn’t an antique at all; it was a new-production Winchester intended to appease their customer base, who was unhappy with Winchester’s 1964 manufacturing shortcuts on their Model 94 and Model 70 rifles.

What was the Winchester Model 1894 made of?

Wanted pre 64 winchester rifles and shotguns. *Classic 1894 Model, made in 1899, rare collectible Octagon 26 inches Nickel Steel Barrel, Cresent Buttplate. Winchester, Model 1894, Cal. .30-30 Win.

What kind of magazine does a pre 64 Winchester have?

Part Description: Original Winchester Pre 64 Model 70 Magazine Follower Spring. The follower Spring itself is in nice original shape with a blue patina more remaining. The spring was removed from a 1950’s Model 70 in 270 caliber. Will fit all standard calibers rifles. Has great tension and is ready to install! Overall.

Is the Winchester 38 55 a good ammo cartridge?

I have had a Chief Crazy Horse .38-55 for a few years, and it is an excellent levergun. The .38-55 is a very efficient cartridge, which is not loaded to its potential by most ammo companies.

Is there a Winchester Model 94 with a rebounding hammer?

These rifles are unafflicted by the cursed safety button, found on post 1992 Winchester Model 94s. I don’t believe any Antiques were made with the rebounding hammer, a standard feature by 1985-which produces about a seven pound, often gritty trigger pull. The 94 Antique also had certain features to make it appear more classic.

When was the Winchester 1894 Centennial rifle made?

The Winchester 1894 Grade I Limited Edition Centennial Rifles were made in 1994 to celebrate the 100 years of continuous production of the Winchester 1894 lever action carbines and rifles. The g …Click for more info Near excellent overall condition, minimal discoloration present atop bolt.

Is the Winchester 94 post 64 in good condition?

THESE ARE ONE OF HARDEST TO FIND OF ALL THE WINCHESTER 94 COMMERATIVES.PHONE 260 367 2633 CELL 260 243 0700 …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! This rifle is in excellent condition showing light wear to the wood on the left side of the handguard. There is no visible wear to the bluing and the action cycles smoothly.

How many rounds of ammo in a 30-30 Winchester?

This 30-30 arrived in time for an Arctic front that gave us highs in the single digits for much of the week. Outside chores pick up in bitter cold and since I was out there anyway, I burned about 50 rounds of 150 grain Federal and Winchester 30-30 ammo getting it rough zeroed and shooting it offhand.