How to rebuild a daisy powerline 880 air rifle?

How to rebuild a daisy powerline 880 air rifle?

New rebuild kit for older 880/881 Daisy Powerline air rifles. It will not work with newer model 880’s that use a different style pressure chamber seal. The two styles of pressure chamber seals are shown in the pictures. This kit will replace the most common wear parts on the rifle.

What are the parts for a Daisy 880?

JL Missouri Parts Read Listing! Daisy Powerline 7880 880 S 880s Current Light Brown Bare Stock But Back Gun BB Air Rifle Part . . . .

What kind of parts are in a Daisy BB gun?

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What kind of repair can you do on a BB gun?

Bring that old BB gun back to life! We repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, and are an authorized warranty repair center. General repair includes all seals, valve springs and oil.

What to do if your Daisy powerline gun does not fire?

If, after cocking the gun completely (you have fully extended the cocking lever one time and heard a total of seven consecutive clicks) your gun still will not fire, put the gun on safe (no red showing) and please contact Daisy’s Customer Service Department at (479) 636-1200. How does the slide removal button on the Daisy Powerline 340 work?

What to do if your Daisy gun is leaking?

Sometimes you can dislodge the BB by running a cleaning rod down the muzzle end of the barrel. If this does not work the gun will need to be returned to the factory. My CO2 gun is leaking where you puncture the CO2 cylinder? Can I fix this myself? Sometimes you can replace the face seal and this will stop your gun from leaking.

What can you do with a Daisy BB gun?

Although the Daisy BB gun isn’t the most powerful gun on the market, it can be used for hunting small game. Making the gun more powerful is not possible without voiding the warranty on the gun. However, there are ways to increase the velocity of the BB.