Is Black Aces Tactical a good brand?

Is Black Aces Tactical a good brand?

Besides for these shotguns, Black Aces Tactical is quickly becoming the go-to place for high-quality and affordable accessories. First and foremost. BAT has a truly impressive collection of rifle suppressors that are user-serviceable, full-auto rated, and still somehow under $200.

Is Black Aces Tactical out of business?

Black Aces Tactical now only sells to our dealer network. We no longer sell to the public.

Where are Black Aces Tactical shotguns manufactured?

Black Aces Tactical is a weapons manufacturing company based in Central Florida that is dedicated to providing the customer quality weapons and suppressors. All BAT weapons are made in America.

Who makes Black Ace tactical shotguns?

Atlantic Firearms works hard to bring you todays cutting edge manufacturers and products! Black Aces Tactical is an American firearms manufacturer / Importer that specializes in making affordable pump, lever action and semi automatic tactical shotguns.

Are Black Aces shotguns made in Turkey?

While the aluminum receivers are made in the USA, the barrels are made in Turkey and exported by Huntgroup. Specs below, per Black Aces Tactical: Since we made the announcement of the Lever Action 12 gauge models back in April 2019, a top question here at Black Aces Tactical is, “When are the Levers coming?”?

How much is a Black Aces?


PRICE: $599.00 MANUFACTURER: Black Aces Tactical
SOLD: 2 months ago UPC:
LOCATION: Hollywood, FL SKU: 005-905007286

Is Black Aces Tactical Made in USA?

At all times relevant, Black Aces began manufacturing and selling a line of shotguns and shotgun magazine receivers embodying the technology covered by the ‘846 Patent. These products are made in America, use American materials, and made by American craftsman.

Are Black Aces shotguns made in the USA?

How much is a black aces tactical shotgun?

We present to you the all new Black Aces Tactical Pro S Semiautomatic. This is the weapon you have been waiting for. Best part.. it’s not $925, it’s only $449!…Additional information.

Weight 5 lbs
Color Black Synthetic, Walnut