What is a llama 1911?

What is a llama 1911?

Overview. Llama 1911 Max-I Single 45 Colt Pistol – A nice light gun, with beautiful hardwood grips and blued finish. Shoots a 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) caliber and can hold 8+1 rounds. Weighs 36.9 ounces and has a 5 inch barrel . Nice and easy to carry.

Are llama guns any good?

They’re very good indeed, well suited to a rough-and-ready-type pistol. The Llama does not use grip-screw bushings, but rather the bushings are contained in the stocks and the grip screws fit into the grip frame. Another difference between the Llama and the 1911 is the trigger action.

Is a Llama 1911 a good gun?

I can only speak for their 1911 style 45 ACP. They build a pretty darn good gun. When I was combat shooting, several of my friends had them and they performed darn well . From the ones I have been around, they are well worth the money.

What is a Llama 45 worth?

What is a LLAMA 45 pistol Worth? A LLAMA 45 pistol is currently worth an average price of $444.17 used . The 12 month average price is $460.30 used.

What was the original name of Llama firearms?

Llama firearms. Llama Firearms, officially known as Llama-Gabilondo y Cia SA, was a Spanish arms company founded in 1904 under the name Gabilondo and Urresti.

When did Para Ordnance stop making the llama?

The great success of the Para-Ordnance high-capacity 1911-type pistols led to design changes to some models starting in 1994. The Llama IX-C was manufactured from 1994 to 1997. It was similar to the Llama IX-A except for the 12-round double column magazine.

How big is the barrel on a Llama V?

The Llama V was chambered for 9mm Largo 38 acp, and 38 super, for sale in the US. The Llama VII was chambered for 9mm Largo and 38 acp and came it two different versions, a regular 5″ length barrel and the Extra with a 5 1/2″ barrel. During WWII, the British SOE purchased a large number of Llama Vs.

What was the magazine capacity of the llama gun?

In 1914, just before the start of the First World War, Gabilondo created a sturdy self-loading pistol based on the Browning Model 1903 and chambered for the 7.65mm Browning /.32 ACP cartridge. Unusually for the time, the magazine capacity was nine shots instead of the usual six or seven.