What kind of gun is a marksman repeater?

What kind of gun is a marksman repeater?

A Marksman Repeater 4.5mm 177 Cal. Huntington Beach#1203199 This has been in our garage for many years. I don’t know how it works or if it works so I am selling for parts of to repair.

How do you load a BB repeater air pistol?

The Marksman 1010C BB Repeater Air Pistol can shoot BBs, pellets, bolts or darts at a velocity of 200 feet per second. You’ll need to cock the gun and release the loading port in the barrel to insert BBs or other ammo into the gun. You’ll then be able to load up to 18 BBs or a single pellet, bolt or dart.

What kind of BB gun does a marksman use?

This is for a vintage marksman repeater bb gun-it is marked and the condition is nice-it is used but clean-it does work-I do not know theexact age-Please ask if you have any questions. Marksman Air Pistol 20 Shot- BB Repeater With Original Box.

How manyfps does a marksman air pistol have?

Marksman claim around 200fps for all models, but perhaps they use special Californian feet for their measurements? Most people note that 130 – 150fps is probably more realistic for pellets, but this may drop even lower depending on the type and weight of pellet used.

Marksman air guns produce rifle and pistol styles of BB and pellet guns. The 1010C Repeater is one of the pistol style air guns and is considered the classic air pistol in the company’s offerings. The Repeater comes assembled with very little to put together for use, and there are few moving parts to the firearm.

How do you load a repeater air pistol?

Cock the pistol by pulling the slide back until it clicks — approximately 2 inches. Push the slide forward until it clicks in place. Engage the safety by pressing the button found on the left side of the hand grip just behind the trigger.

Where do you put the BBS in a marksman repeater?

Insert BBs into the dedicated BB chamber found at the front of the barrel. Pour them down the tube and into the chamber. This is the smaller tube on the barrel, under the main barrel tube. Do not mix them up. Shake the Repeater to move the BBs into the ammo chamber.

How many shots does a repeater BB gun fire?

The Marksman Repeater is a fast loading, easy to use air pistol that fires 18 shots without reloading. Marksman .177 BB Repeater Air Pistol. Loading…

How do you put a repeater gun together?

The Repeater comes assembled with very little to put together for use, and there are few moving parts to the firearm. Basic assembly is setting up the firearm for use with either BBs or .177 pellets. Point the Repeater away from people and pets and in a safe direction. Push the safety lever to the down position to ensure it is on.

How do you put a BB gun together?

Pull the cocking bar open and pour out the remaining BBs. Insert a single .177 pellet directly into the pellet chamber in the center of the cocking area. Close the mechanism. The pistol is now assembled for pellet firing. A former Alaskan of 20 years, Eric Cedric now resides in California.